10 Ways Ayurveda and Physical Intimacy-a Short Guide Can Help You Live to 100
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10 Ways Ayurveda and Physical Intimacy-a Short Guide Can Help You Live to 100

Written by Anima Sur
Most of us believe in the long-established school of thought that physical intimacy is something to be indulged in for reproductive purposes only. Ayurveda could also be a perpetrator of such a philosophy, however, this is not so. Ayurveda and physical intimacy are not restricted to reproduction only. The ayurvedic theory believes physical intimacy can nurture us profoundly and should be indulged from time to time. But definitely, there are rules for this.

Sensuality is an essential factor in our existence

Physical Intimacy and sensuality are an integral part of life. Besides reproduction, this is mainly about intimacy and pleasure. Sensual activity, penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI), or masturbation, can present many astonishing benefits to all facets of our life:
  • bodily
  • cerebral
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • societal :
Sex mainly helps connect to the spouse, thanks to oxytocin. Oxytocin can play a function in budding relationships. You may find that consistent, mutual sexual contentment helps with bonding within a relationship. Coupled partners often have amplified relationship fulfillment when they perform one another’s sexual desires. You may find positive development in your association when you’re able to articulate yourself and your sexual desires. Sensual health is more than avoiding diseases and unintentional pregnancies. It’s also about recognizing that intimacy can be a significant part of your life, according to the American Sexual Health Association.

How can sensual activities benefit our bodies?

This study suggests that sex can be a good cardiovascular exercise trusted Source in younger men and women. Though sex isn’t enough exercise on its own, it can be considered light exercise. Some of the profit ones can get from sex comprise:
  • lowering blood pressure
  • burning calories
  • growing heart health
  • intensification muscles
  • dropping your risk of cardiac disease, stroke, and hypertension
  • escalating libido
People full of life tend to work out more regularly and have a better dietary routine than those who are less sexually active. body fitness may also improve sexual acts overall.

Stronger immune system

In a study of immunity in people in romantic relations, people who had frequent sex (one to two times a week) had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. People who had irregular sex (less than once a week) had significantly less IgA. IgA is the antibody that is vital in preventing illnesses and is the first line of protection against human papillomavirus, or HPV. The study also suggests that anxiety and stress can perhaps terminate the positive effects of sex. Better sleep The body releases oxytocin commonly referred to as the “love” or “intimacy” hormone, and endorphins at some stage in an orgasm. The mixture of these hormones can act as sedation. Better sleep can add to:
  • a better immune system
  • a longer lifetime
  • feeling more well-rested
  • Full of energy during the day
Headache removal that sexual activity can provide full or partial relief from migraines and cluster headaches. Of people who were sexually energetic during their attacks:
  • 60 % reported an improvement during a migraine
  • 70 % reported moderate to complete relief during a migraine
  • 37 % reported improvement of symptoms in cluster headaches
  • 91 % reported moderate to complete relief in cluster headaches

In What way sex benefits all genders

In Males A modern review found that males who had more frequent penile-vaginal interaction (PVI) had less risk of developing prostate malignancy. Another study establishes that men on average having 5 to 7 ejaculations a week were 36 % less likely to get a prostate cancer analysis before the age of 70. This is in similarity to men who reported ejaculating 2.3 or fewer times a week on average. For males, sex may even affect your mortality. One research that had a 10-year follow-up reported that men who had recurrent orgasms (defined as two or more a week) had a 50 % lesser mortality risk than those who had sex less often. even though the outcome is conflicting, the quality and health of your spermatozoa may increase with increased sexual activity, as some findings suggest.

In Females

Having an orgasm increases blood flow and releases normal pain-relieving hormones. Sexual activity in women can help them with:
  • getting better bladder control
  • decreasing incontinence
  • alleviate menstrual and premenstrual cramps
  • getting better fertility
  • Increase pelvic muscles strength
  • help create more vaginal lubrication
  • potentially guard you against endometriosis or the growing of tissue outside your uterine cavity
The act of sex can help strengthen your pelvic floor. A strengthened pelvic floor can also offer benefits like less pain during sex and reduced chance of vaginal prolapse. One study shows that PVI can result in reflexive vaginal contractions caused by penile thrusting. Women who carry on to be sexually active after menopause are less likely to have major vaginal atrophy or the reduction of vaginal walls. Vaginal atrophy can hurt for the period of sex and urinary symptoms.

Ayurveda and its explanation on Physical Intimacy

Apana Vayu Apana Vayu in the context of Physical intimacy Another factor that affects one’s sexual power is a force called the ‘Apana Vayu’. It is one of the five winds our body comprises and resides in the lower part of the body. Apana Vayu is responsible for regulating menstruation, reproduction, and even orgasm. If the movement of this Vayu is healthy, it keeps the sense of rootedness in us intact Is orgasm all good? Recently, the internet has been swamped with the profit that orgasm has on our physique. Minimizing stress, boosting immunity, making of oxytocin, and raising a sense of connectedness with our partners, sex can do all wonder? But in the light of Ayurveda, this isn’t precisely the case. Ayurveda believes that under certain situations, an orgasm can be damaging for our bodies. Main reason sensual activity aggravates Vata dosha in our bodies. Vata dosha depletes the body of Sukra Dhatu, a rasa requiring a month-long process of formation. This, in turn, limits the creation of Ojas, which is, the life-giving vigor within us. Also, it can upset the Apana Vayu, leading to a sense of uprootedness.

Ayurveda’s information for physical intimacy

As per Ayurveda, physical intimacy leads to an increase of Vata dosha in our body. Thus, the finest time to have sex is in the day. Particularly in the morning after sunrise but prior to 10 am. Otherwise, during the late afternoon. Nighttime, when the majority of us prefer having sex, is not perfect as per Ayurveda Again, the best seasons to have more sex are winter and early spring. During summer and autumn, the power of Vata increases. Thus, one must lessen their rate of sex and orgasms. The reason being the heat already depletes one’s vigor and thus, our bodies do not have any surplus rasa to spare for sensual indulgence. Perfect rate of recurrence of physical intimacy according to Ayurveda For folks who are in good physical condition, they must have sexual activities three to five times a week during spring and winter. In the absence of this frequency, their bodies may build up Ojas that should have been ideally spared. But In summertime and fall, one must refrain from physical intimacy more than once in one or two weeks. Seven Dhatus Some other tips Intake foods that are natural aphrodisiacs and encourage the production of sukra dhatu, such as ghee, coconut juice, and milk. perform self-massage done with oil, popular as abhyanga, in Ayurveda before bathing. After the sensual activity, have a bath and wear fresh and comfortable clothes

Golden Tips on Ayurveda and Physical Intimacy

There is hardly any individual who does not want to get pleasure from a healthy and fulfilling sex life. According to Ayurveda, healthy sensual life is very much a truth provided one meticulously follows the golden sex regulations as mentioned in various Ayurvedic books and journals: —
  1. Ayurveda believes that a pair should avoid doing sexual activities when the woman is having her periods. Some health experts are of the belief that the act may give rise to a situation termed as Endometriosis(the endometrial cells grow outside the uterine cavity, often in the ovary or in the fallopian tubes).
  2. As per Ayurveda, an ideal sex position is a missionary. In this position, the woman is lying with her face aimed at an upward position.
  3. Ayurveda also suggests very flabby or obese people should stay away from having sex.
  4. Have sex only when your secret parts are clean and hale and hearty (as this helps to avert infections and related complications).
  5. Ayurveda advocates, reliability, and faithfulness are what gets an association going. Unfaithfulness, adultery, or deceitful on your wife is an offense that will only spell doom.

Other Tips are

  1. Ayurveda is against a pair having sex during pregnancy or post One should have power over their urges. Ideally, a 5-months time in the case of a C-section and 2-3 months gap in the case of a normal delivery will do good in ensuring a healthy sex life (will help the lady to make progress well).
  2. Ayurveda is strongly opposed to violent sex. Lovemaking is supposed to soothe your soul rather than scar it. Unnatural during sex is not healthy at all.
  3. Ayurveda believes in having sensual activities only with sexual organs. Thus, oral sex and other similar pleasures are avoided as per Ayurveda.
  4. Scriptures do not promote the practice of having sex on days of prime importance for example festivals, various eclipses, on a full moon or new moon nights.
  5. Doing Sexual activities on empty stomach or after a heavy meal can trigger an excess of health problems by causing a Vata and Pitta imbalance. This imbalance may result in digestive problems, headaches, gastritis in a later stage of life.
  6. Ayurveda is firmly against the thought of having sex with aged women or with kids.
  7. Always have sex when both the associates are in a relaxed position. This is to make sure that you take pleasure in intercourse avoiding any injury.
  8. Never indulge in sex if you are unwell or bodily and emotionally not fit.
  9. Having sexual activities with animals (bestiality) is measured as detrimental as per Ayurveda.
  10. Performing Sex is not a sensible idea when you have to ease yourself (defecate or urinate). —-
  11. As per Ayurveda, your sex life is governed by the four seasons in which your body force changes.

    • The body strength is lowly during the monsoon and summer, hence have less sex throughout that time (once in fifteen days).
    • With modest body strength, sex once in three days is sensible during spring and summer.
    • through winter the body strength is at its peak, hence one can have sex daily.

Ayurvedic remedies

Some treatment with Ayurvedic Herbs: Vajikaran Chikitsa

Along with regular exercise and proper diet, there are various herbs that can go a long way in boosting your sex life. Some of them include Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Swarna Bhasma, Jaiphal, and Kesar; let us recognize how each one is helpful.
  1. Shilajit works exceptionally in increasing the stamina; this is why it is known as Indian Viagra. It helps in improving sexual acts and dealing with weaknesses.
  2. Ashwagandha is another aromatic plant that helps in improving the sexual longing and dealing with infertility in men.
  3. Swarn Bhasma is well-known to be one of the best remedies for treating sexual problems like low libido and premature ejaculation in men. It also helps in treating sexual weakness.
  4. Nutmeg works best in dealing with premature ejaculation. It also helps in boosting sex life and is branded as Viagra for women. Its aroma is often used to provoke sexual desires and can help you get calm before engaging in a sexual act.
  5. Kesar can go a long way in improving the whole performance in bed. Mixing it with milk can do wonder in ‘turning on’ your partner, thus improving the sex life.

Some more spices & Herbs to spice up for Ayurveda and physical intimacy

  1. Cumin -Improve sexual desires: The humble seed can up your sexual quotient. packed with zinc and potassium cumin is an all-rounder when it comes to improving your performance in the bedroom .zinc is important for sperm production and potassium maintains a healthy heart rate and blood pressure. This spice also helps deal with fertility issues and prevent conditions like ED erectile dysfunction, PD premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and low virility of your sperm.
  2. Increases libido: garlic will surely Spice up your sex life is packed with Allicin and ingredient that increases blood flow and dialects blood vessels.
  3. Celery: Improve sexual desires in men: when You chew a stalk of celery, you release androstenone & androstenol odor molecules into your mouth .they then travel up to the back of your throat to your nose. once there, the pheromones Boost Your arousal, turning you on and causing your body to send off scents and signals that make you more desirable to women (source: Alan Hirsch- author of Scentsational Sex)
In case you have a worry or query you can always consult Ayurveda doctors & get answers to your questions!

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