Acupressure Therapy -Alternative healing Therapy
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Acupressure Therapy -Alternative healing Therapy

Written by Anima Sur

Acupressure therapy is the best substitute for drugs. Most of us suffer from sinus problems like cold, flu, and running nose. We definitely do not look for home remedies when we are sick. Immediately we try to see a doctor. We take prescriptions from a physician and get well temporarily. How do you react if you suffer from the same sickness daily and swallow pills every day? Yes, we all know it will be really frustrating. Then why don’t we look for alternatives to medicine? Most of us may not be well aware of ancestral practices.

History or Origin of Acupressure Therapy

In the olden days, people had no access to hospitals. They did not exist at all. All they could do to cure themselves was to practice home remedy treatment. Among them are acupressure and acupuncture therapies.

Whenever one falls sick, one has to take recourse to medical science for the treatment of the disease. It may be allopathic, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani, or any other branch of medical science, depending upon ones’ requirement and faith. At the outset, it may be of immense importance to explain/understand in this context that there is no point or effort in undermining the effectiveness or suitability of one pathy over the other.

Importance of Acupressure Therapy and Relevance

However, one thing is sure which has emerged over experimentation over a period of time. Acupressure treatment is highly effective in acute cases as well as in chronic ailments. When the patient is on co-management i.e. while undergoing conventional allopathic or homeopathic treatment.- Application of Acupressure therapy treatment simultaneously, much better and faster results can be achievable.

It may not be out of place to mention here that of all the complementary therapies that have developed over the years, right from ancient times to the modern age, Acupressure has emerged as one of the most effective methods of healing. It is purely on nature cure since no medicines have to be given, there is no risk of any side effect whatsoever, moreover it has no clash with any other treatment being given.

Opinion of regular practitioners from various branches of medicine on Acupressure Therapy

With the experience of the miraculous results available by healing through this method, regular practitioners from various branches of medicine have started clubbing this technique(i.e. Acupressure) and adopting it as a Complementary medicine while treating even chronic patients and getting unbelievable results.

Reputed hospitals e.g. Indra Prastha Apollo Hospital, various Govt., Hospitals in (New Delhi), India, and getting very good results while co-managing patients, for more than three years now. The faith amongst the medical fraternity in Acupressure is increasing day by day and that day is not far when Acupressure shall emerge as a very powerful and indispensable therapy and every hospital would like to have a good and trained Acupressure Therapist on its rolls.

Benefits of this Therapy

Another advantage of the Acupressure technique is that it is not only curative, it acts as a preventive also. By devoting about 15-20 minutes a day following a workout for about 10-15 days to begin with and thereafter with a follow-up of 2-3 times a week, one can stay fit using it as a preventive medicine at no cost.

It would, however, be advisable if, to begin with, this is down under the supervision/guidance of a practicing acupressure therapist . Especially for 4-5 days or till one learns to identify the relevant reflex points where to apply the pressure, the extent of pressure and the time duration for which pressure to be, etc. As a matter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that the Acupressure technique is not only Curative and Preventive, it is Diagnostic as well to some extent.

Note of Caution

However, as a word of caution. As far as possible, unless the therapist gets proper qualification, experience, and qualified to make a proper diagnosis. An effort be taken that treatment using this technique does not start till a proper diagnosis is made and in particular, if it is suspected that the trouble with the patient relates to/involves one or more of the vital organs e.g. the Heart; Kidneys; Brain etc., or the problem has been persisting for an unduly long period.

In such cases, it is safer to get a proper diagnosis by consulting some medical specialists. His opinion clarifies the symptoms without diversion from the main cause.

How Pressure Works in Acupressure Therapy

As stated above, the power to heal is inherent in our body. The disease takes place only when the flow of this power (in various meridians), Vital force gets obstruction due to some impediment in the path of a particular meridian. At times, the flow of this vital force is also adversely affected because of the accumulation of various nitrogenous substances that get accumulated at the nerve endings in the palms and soles. The accumulation at these reflex/trigger points that we feel piercing/pricking pain when pressure is applied on the affected point, the reflex point(s) respond giving a feeling of pricking/piercing pain and thus help us in knowing that the pressure is being applied on the right place.

Application of pressure repeatedly over a period of 10-15 days, depending upon the age, body response, the gravity of the ailment, the pain threshold of the patient, etc.. Gradually the accumulation of impediment is away from the specific reflex point(s) pertaining to the affected organ along with the flow of the blood and gradually the symptoms of the disease start diminishing/ disappearing. As soon as the impediment in the pathway of the flow of vital force in the affected meridian(s) is away and the normal flow of the vital force gets renewal, the symptoms of the disease disappear and the person attains good health.

acupressure therapy
Acupressure Pints on Feet

Observations about Acupressure

Generally, the patients start responding to the treatment within 3-4 sittings. Barring a few chronic/multiple organs involving ailments, diseases like Paralysis, Arthritis and Frozen shoulder, etc., generally, patients suffering from other ailments respond and get rid of their problems within a span of 10-15 sittings on an average. By giving pressure on the relevant reflex points, we stimulate the affected organ on one hand and remove the impediment from the pathway of the flow of vital force.

Thus the organ(s) falling in the specific meridians regain their strength and start functioning optimally and the patient starts recovering. That is why we generally say that in Acupressure we do not treat the disease. We treat the organs . And once the organs start functioning to their full capacity there is no place for the disease. Co-management with other conventional methods shows to act still faster and effectively.

Thus, through Acupressure, various organs get stimulation. With a view to streamlining their functioning and an effort to restore the efficiency of the affected organ(s). which ultimately results in the restoration of good health. Acupressure is highly beneficial in stimulating and improving the functioning of the endocrine glands. This in turn restores the flexibility in the body muscle tissues, it also strengthens the nervous and the immune system. Further, it is very much beneficial in relieving problems connected with the bony system of the body. It also helps in improving the circulation of blood in the body which in turn rejuvenates the entire body.

Do’s & Don’ts related to this Acupressure Therapy

In general, when a patient approaches an Acupressure Therapist for the first time, he/she is generally is fearful. The main reason although they require to undergo treatment under acupressure, they do not get proper guidance. Perhaps, the fault lies on both sides i.e. the therapist as well as the patient.

Some of the therapists who start helping people after acquiring a little bit of knowledge and are not fully conversant start giving Harsh pressure. It hurts the patients and although they get good results, they spread the word around that it hurts a lot in this therapy.

Another misleading word -it is a treatment of nerves and of course, a cause of scare is notable in case it be so. The net result is that when you ask a patient that someone at home can also help them in giving pressure, in case they are not able to go to the therapist, they express concern that (at home) some wrong nerve may not get pressed.

As such, though it may seem out of context here, we would like to clarify here that first of all, an experienced and knowledgeable therapist would never give harsh pressure. He/she would never give you pressure beyond your pain threshold i.e. pain bearing capacity. Rather with mild to moderate pressure and you even enjoy the extent of pain is there.

Acupressure therapy
Acupressure Points on Hands

Where is the Pressure exactly in this alternative healing therapy

Secondly, the pressure is particularly over the reflex points and not the nerves. There is no fear whatsoever of pressure application on the wrong place/nerve. Of course, it is wrong to say that there be no pain. The pain over the pressure points which are also known as trigger/reflex points. This indicates that pressure is being given in the right place.

But not all the points hurt. The patient feels good too at certain pressure points pressing. As such it will be in the overall interest of the patient that the therapist spares a few minutes with patients. And explains to him/her at length as to they should report to him/her the moment the extent of pressure exceeds their pain threshold.

However, explanation to them simultaneously that they should be willing to accept at least some pain while getting pressure therapy in case they want proper results. Further to this, the patient is sitting in a very comfortable posture and not to wear very tight clothes or jeans made out of hard or thick cloth as this causes inconvenience to the therapist while giving pressure in the area below the belt, in case required.

Further, Acupressure treatment is not applicable in the following situations

During Pregnancy, In the fractured area, Patients suffering from a contiguous disease.

Under unavoidable circumstances, pressure treatment is applied to the patient suffering from Osteoporosis(advanced stage), but with great care.

One should not take any chance or make any attempt and try to handle diseases involving vital organs . Like the Heart, Kidney, Brain, Liver, etc., by Acupressure alone or any other non-conventional therapy alone. We can expect wonderful results in case co-management is resorted to, along with conventional medicine under some Specialists in Medicine/Surgery, etc.

There is no harm in giving acupressure treatment as a First aid in emergencies e.g. Bleeding; Electrocution, probable Heart attack till Medical aid arrives or the patient is shifted to the nearest well-equipped hospital at the earliest.

Some pieces of equipment in Self-use of Acupressure Therapy


The QFlex is a self-acupressure device designed and engineered to relieve stress and tension by applying pressure to specific pressure points on the body. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

Gideon Sports Self Massage Stick                                                               

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Self Massage Tool       

YSAGER Q Flex Acupressure Massage

Body Back Junior Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

Acupuncture therapy Pens

An Acupuncture pen additionally is known as needle therapy. It is one of the most popular approaches to help soothe body issues from yearns to torments. Subsequently, we chose to choose the ten best needle therapy pens accessible for you to utilize day by day here.

With one of these gadgets, you discharge torment in various pieces of the body. Each model has a solid plan and helps your body in different manners. In addition to the fact that they help decrease torment recover cells, lessen aggravation, and lift your blood dissemination.

Best Acupuncture Pens

1. Gear Electronic Acupuncture Pen

2. TenDlite Acupuncture Pen

3. Body Back Acupoint Pen

4. Easy Comforts Black Tension Reliever

5. S. Group Beauty Electric Acupuncture Pen

6. Unbrand Electric Acupuncture Laser Pen

7. Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Pressure point massage Wristband

As per clinical investigations, movement ailment causes are conflicting signs in your tactile receptors. For example, your internal ear, eyes, and nose. Probably the most ideal approach to forestall it is with an ocean band pressure point massage wristband. Notwithstanding, what is the counter sickness tie and how can it work? The wristband is like an armband that you wear around the wrist. The novel plan squeezes explicit acupoints on your arm and wrist. You can wear some of them around the lower leg, it if fits. With the PSI group’s pressure point massage wristbands for sickness alleviation, you can wear them for an all-inclusive time.

Pressure point massage Slippers – Own Self-Healing System:

Pressure point massage footwear is a fantastic elective treatment to alleviate indications identified with various medical conditions. In all actuality, Asian experts accept the body has its own self-recuperating framework. As indicated by the specialists, illnesses emerge because of an unbalance between your feelings (inward) and your way of life (outer.) By accomplishing a harmony between your inside and outside way of life, you can treat any ailment. The Chinese trust you have a progression of QI (energy) running all through your body.

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