Amazing Secret to Health and Wellbeing as per Yogic Science & Prana
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Amazing Secret to Health and Wellbeing as per Yogic Science & Prana

Written by Anima Sur

The key to health and well being is to keep our paras in harmony. when one prana becomes im balance the others tend to become imbalanced as well. because they are all linked together .Generally Prana and udana work opposite to Apana as the forces of energization versus those of elimination .similarly Vyana  and Samana opposite as expansion and contraction.

Importance of Prana

Indeed the entire universe is a manifestation of Prana which is the original creative power. even Kundalini Shakti ,The Serpent Power or inner power that transforms consciousness, develops from the awakened Prana.

on the cosmic there are two basic aspects of Prana .The first is the un manifest aspect of Prana, which is the energy of pure consciousness that transcends all creation. Second one manifest aspect of prana is the force of creation itself. Prana arises from the quality(guna) , the active force of nature (Prakriti) .Nature herself  consists of three gunas. Sattva for purity – which gives rise to the mind ,Rajas or movement which gives rise to the Prana and Tamas or inertia which gives rise to the body.

In relation to our physical existence, Prana or vital energy is a modification of the air element. primary the oxygen we breathe that allows asked to live. yet air originate in ethers or space. Prana Arises in space and remains closely connected to it.


The five pranas are energies and processes that occur on several levels however we can localized them in a few key ways

  1. Prana Vayu governs the movement of energy from head downwards to the Navel which is the center of the physical body

2. Apana Vayu govern the movement of energy from the navel downwards to the root Chakra

3. Samana Vayu governs the balancing of energy from the entire body back to the navel stop the movement of energy out from the navel throughout the entire body governs the movement of energy from the novel up to the head

4. Vyana Vayu associated with circulation of Nutrients

5. Udana Vayu With release of Positive Energy.

In short Prana governs the intake of substances, Samana governs their digestion,Vyana  governs the circulation of nutrients, udana governs the release of positive energy and Apana governs the elimination of waste material.

How Prana creates the physical body ?

Without prana the physical body is nothing more than a lump of clay collapse is known as mass into various Limbs and organs stop it does this by creating various circle channels for net nadi through which it can operate and energize cross matter into various tissues and organs

Prana Vayu create the openings and channels in the head and bring down to the heart there are seven openings in the head two eyes two years two nostril and mouth.

Prana Types & Chakras

Others Assisting Prana

Udana assists Prana in creating the openings in the upper part of the body, particularly those of the mouth and vocal organ stop the mouth, after all, is the main opening in the head and in the entire body stuff it could be say that the entire physical body is an extension of the mouth which is the main organ of physical activity, eating, and self expression

Aparna vayu – creates the opening in the lower part of the body . Those of the uro -genital and excretory system .

Samana Vayu create the opening in the middle part of the body. Those of the digestive system, centered in the navel . It opens out the channels of intestine and the organs like liver and pancreas .

Vyana Vayu create the channels going to the peripheral Parts of the body, the arms and the legs. It create the veins and arteries, muscles, sinuses, joint and bones.

Samana Vayu create the trunk of the body( which is dominated by the gastrointestinal tract )while vyana vayu creates the limbs, prana & udana creates the upper openings or body orifices whereas Apana create those below.

Prana however, does not exist in the physical level . The Naval is the the vital Center for the physical body. The heart is the main Center for the Pranamaya kosha. And the head is the main Centre for the Monomaya kosha.

What is Kosha?

Koshas in the body

Kosha means sheath, Human body consists of 5 sheats:

Annanomaya( physical body) this is born from anna(grain). It nurtures, sustains and finally merges with the anna.

Pranamoya cosmic energy)

Manomaya(mind) this includes sensory impressions. Subconscious, conscious & unconscious are the 3 major levels of mind.

Vigyanamaya (intellect or ego)

And anandamaya (causal blissful body) the dimension of bliss, wholeness contentment and superconscious mind.


Healthy living is necessary. For that one should lead a life of Self Discipline, austerity, introspection and devotion. Self realization cannot be achieved easily.It is possible to achieve anything on this path with proper guidance.  If you practice asanas while observing Yama and niyama that is the eight fold path of the Patanjali Sutras . According to the Sutras ; Yamaha consists of Satya –truthfulness,Ahimsa-non violence, Asteya- non stealing, Brahmachari –chastity,Aparigraha –non hoarding.

Niyama consist of  Shaucha-purity &cleanliness,Santosha –contentment,Tapas- austerity,Swadhyaya –self study of scriptures, Ishwar pranidhan-surrendering to god’s will.


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