Apple Cider Vinegar and It's Importance in Daily Life
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Apple Cider Vinegar and It’s Importance in Daily Life

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Written by Anima Sur
WHAT IS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR? Apple cider vinegar or ACV as it’s called is vinegar made from cider or from apple must. Cider is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from the juices of fruits such as apples, peaches, grapes, and the like. The alcohol content might vary from 2% to 8.5%. Sometimes cider may also mean non-alcoholic apple cider. Apple must on the other hand is freshly pressed apple juice. It contains the skin, seeds, and stem of the fruit. It has a very high glucose content and is pasteurized and sold separately also. Now that you know from what apple cider vinegar is made, let’s see how it is made.

How to make apple cider vinegar?

You may be intrigued by this product. It is available in supermarkets and grocery stores. But if you want to try it at home, here’s how to go about it.
  1. Take pieces of apples, the fleshy part, the seeds, the skin, and anything remotely apple and set them out in the sun to dry. Keep at it till all the pieces are completely brown.
  2. Then take a jar, put the dried apple scraps in it, and top it up with water. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth or a muslin cloth and leave it in a dark space.
  3. Check for some greying foam on top of the jar. As soon as this starts forming, let the jar stay for a month and a half. Don’t disturb the contents.
  4. After that just strain out the liquid from the jar
That is apple cider vinegar for you. This process will roughly take two months. And your vinegar might be a little cloudy, but it’s good for health. You can taste the liquid from the jar to make sure that it is the right strength for you. You can always dilute it by adding water later on. Now that you have prepared apple cider vinegar, what are you going to do with it? Keep reading to find out.

What is apple cider vinegar used for?

Folk medicine lists many uses for apple cider vinegar. But even if we think of contemporary times, ACV has numerous uses. Some of them are
    1. It is available as a health tonic or as a salad dressing.
    2. ACV finds use in food preservatives, vinaigrettes, and chutneys.
    3. It has also been said to kill head lice, reverse aging and give you glowing skin, and ease digestion as you age. Killing head lice doesn’t have any scientific proof because any kind of vinegar works with that, so it can’t be just compartmentalized to apple cider vinegar.
    4. It helps in losing weight.
Health Benefits of apple cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to work against a lot of ailments and has been in use for many centuries. ACV is a highly powerful mixture that is formed after fermenting and due to this process of fermentation; it gives rise to nutrients to make it so potent. Some of the nutrients that are present in Apple Cider Vinegar are iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and a whole lot of vitamins. Some of the health benefits of consuming ACV are:
  • Healthy Kidneys:

  • The compound is known to contain malic acid, which is known to fight infections caused due to bacteria. The biggest advantage of apple cider vinegar is its ability to flush out bad toxins from the kidneys and bladder. Due to the kind of junk food we eat there could be a lot of toxin build-up that can be flushed out by apple cider vinegar. This in turn helps people having chronic kidney failure, kidney stones, and even Pyelitis. Pyelitis is mainly due to bacterial infections in the kidney and bladder. Drinking 1 tsp. ACV in a glass of water every day also easily flushes this out.
  • Helps Patients With Gout:

  • Gout is mainly due to the accumulation of uric acid in joints. Because apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, it helps flush out the excess uric acid. Also, because it contains potassium it helps remove toxins in the body. By consuming ACV, users have noted benefits that include lesser pain in the joints and a lesser amount of inflammation and discomfort. These benefits are noticeable almost immediately in affected persons.
ProVen Brighter Teeth:
  • If you wake up every day and before brushing your teeth, you rinse and gargle with apple cider vinegar; it helps make your teeth brighter and whiter. It helps dissolve stains and also kills bacteria that thrive in the mouth. After gargling, brush your teeth like you normally do. Also, add a little bit of baking soda to your toothpaste once a week while brushing. It will also help in the process of whitening your teeth.
  • Digestive System:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is quite beneficial in maintaining peace in your digestive system. If you are prone to indigestion, taking a sip of ACV before a meal will help prevent this problem. What would be better is if you could mix a teaspoon of this product in a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey to this mixture? Also, if you are already down with diarrhea, it might be a good idea to gulp down some of this wonder liquid. It helps by fighting bacteria in your system by being an antibiotic. Because of the presence of pectin, it helps work against painful spasms.
Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the compound is also effective in providing relief to people with arthritis due to the antioxidant properties that help dissolve toxic substances. Apart from providing relief, it even slows down the progression of the disease. Apple cider vinegar side effects


ACV has a lot of many health benefits. Some people take it to be the elixir for good health and swear by its daily use. Many people take in first thing in the morning and some with their tea or milk. But in spite of it being a natural supplement, there are some side effects that you need to be aware of. However, they are quite mild and precautions are essential to eliminate the symptoms. So you should be aware of what all may happen once you start on apple cider vinegar. Throat and skin damage: No don’t freak out! This is minor discomfort for your throat and skin. The ACV is available in a very high concentration, so before you apply it to your skin, dilute it with water. Applying the strong potion n your skin may give rise to rashes or allergies. Secondly while consuming it, mix it in water or tea or milk or juice. The idea is to have it in a diluted form. You can make a health elixir by mixing two tablespoons in a glass of water and keep sipping it intermittently throughout the day. Don’t alter the portion of the apple cider vinegar. Stick to apple cider vinegar liquid and if you must take pills then take it with a lot of water. Also, drink plenty of fluids whenever you are on the ACV. Weak Enamel-effect of ACV Weak tooth enamel: ACV has high acidic content and can harm your tooth enamel due to prolonged use or overdosage. So there are two ways to prevent this. First, you need to dilute it so that it can’t cause lasting harm. Secondly, try to minimize contact with the teeth. Sip the diluted liquid through a straw. That may mean sipping the tea through a straw. It’s just an aesthetic annoyance but will save your teeth in the long run. Then after drinking rinse your mouth with cold water. Don’t brush without rinsing as it might cause more damage to the enamel.

Other Side Effect of Apple cider Vinegar

Lower potassium and bone density: Apple cider vinegar lead to low potassium levels in the body, and this translates to low bone density. In fact, people with osteoporosis should avoid ACV altogether. But if you still have to take it, stick to low doses of apple cider vinegar and don’t take it regularly. Four times a week should be enough. Or you could even supplement your diet with some potassium supplements. And you should clarify with your doctor and ensure that it doesn’t interfere with other medication that you are taking. Patients with cardiovascular disease should avoid this as they already may be taking blood-thinning medication.

Note of Caution

Therefore whenever you start with this diet, keep your doctor in the loop and discuss all your concerns with him. Even if the side effects are mild, you should stay on your guard to prevent any lasting damage. Some Beneficial Health Supplements

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