Daily Food Habit Routine for Better Lifestyle in General

Daily Food Habit Routine for Better Lifestyle in General

Daily food Habit
Written by Anima Sur

Let’s try to know how daily food habit routine can influence a better lifestyle. Today’s stress full world where we are exposed to climate changes, polluted air, chemical loaded foodstuffs majority are burdened with different ailments.  We ourselves cannot change all these but definitely, we can try to live daily routine with awareness so as to reduce the side effects of polluted conditions. Here I am trying to provide some methods that can be easily followed by anyone to sustain a healthy life. A healthy balanced diet also plays a vital part. Besides, other general rules are

General Rule for All

  1. After waking up sip warm water slowly. You can add lemon juice to this if you like.

I want to add some points regarding the drinking of water. In the morning one can consume up to 1 liter of water. Never drink water after meals as it dilutes the digestive enzymes. If always better to have water half an hour before meals, and one hour after meals. Always use water at room temperature never from the freezer or chilled or with ice cubes. In extreme summer water stored in earthen pots to be consumed. It is advisable to take water always in a sitting position.

  • After answering the natural calls and taking bath  do some exercise, yoga, meditation
  • Have your breakfast- a heavy one this will boost your energy for the entire day.

It is necessary that one takes breakfast within 2 to 3 hrs of sunrise. Lunch should be 30% of the breakfast,  and dinner should be very light. It is necessary that one completes dinner within 2 hrs of the sunset. But a majority are having late office schedules it’s always deviated.

Other Important Factors;

Regarding sleep; well one can take rest after lunch for 20 minutes to 40 minutes by laying down on the left side.  After dinner please don’t take to your bed immediately. For better digestion please walk for some time or sit/work then go to sleep.

Another important note:  it’s better to drink fruit juices or fruits after breakfast, Lassi or Buttermilk after Lunch and warm milk after dinner.

  • For cooking its best to use the Himalayan rock salt (snedha namak) in place of common iodized salt. Sendha Salt has got various natural minerals as it is naturally formed and it’s also used in Ayurveda extensively as medicine.
  • For cooking it’s better to avoid microwave, pressure cooker and aluminum utensils.
  • In the case of cooking oil use of locally available oils like mustard oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil is better than refined oil.
  • The use of refined sugar is to be minimized, instead, it’s better to use jaggery (Gur), Mishri, coconut sugar, date sugar.
  • Refined flour (Maida) also creates digestive problems, in its place whole wheat, flour of ragi, bajra, etc can be used.

Highlighting some of the benefits of Rock salt, lemon water, Jaggery, etc

Himalayan Pink Salt

  • Rock Salt or Himalayan Rock salt or Sendha Namak is a natural salt rich in minerals. It is available in two colors white and pink (pale red). Usually found in parts of America, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, India, Romania, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and France. In India, we get it in Punjab.  Rock salt is very much different from iodized salt. Rock salt is being naturally formed and is less acidic thus helping in digestion. It has low sodium content than sea salt and it provides a cooling effect on the body.  This salt finds extensive use in Ayurvedic preparations. According to Ayurveda, this salt reduces depression and stress, prevents and treats muscle cramps, regulates blood pressure, aids digestion, and relieves skin problems and arthritis.  This is the only salt used during the fast in India as it is pure and contains about 94 trace minerals. Research has shown that Sendha salt is more beneficial than other edible salts for persons with Kidney diseases
  • Some Benefits of this rock salt are listed below:

a)    Maintains skin health: Sendha Namak helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin in a thorough way. The dull and rough appearance of the skin is due to the accumulation of our dead skin cells. Sendha Namak exfoliates these skin cells and protects all the layers of the skin resulting in a glowing and youthful looking skin. In the process nutrients and minerals inside the salt reach the cells to regulate their absorption in the form of ions in your body making the skin tissues strong and rejuvenate the skin by better blood circulation.

b)   Reduces the yellowing of the nails: Sendha Namak has beneficial properties that help to keep your nails white and shiny. Usually, nails can become yellow due to certain diseases, discoloration and frequent use of poor quality nail polish.

c)    Maintains hair health: Rock salt plays a vital for maintaining the health of your hair and scalp. It has beneficial cleansing properties, so it helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the hair. It also prevents to strip the hair of its healthy oils. One can also put Sendha Namak on their hair by mixing it inside their shampoos.

Some other benefits include

d)   Helps to combat respiratory problems: Sendha Namak is helpful for people who are suffering from sinusitis, headaches and other respiratory ailments. Gargling with Sendha Namak can relieve painful tonsils, cough, throat inflammation, and sores.

e)    Reduces stress: Stress has become very common in today world. It gets triggered due to the smallest reasons and can sometimes lead to anxiety, sadness, loss of appetite, etc. According to researchers, rock salt helps to relax the mind and the body. Taking a bath in a hot tub containing rock salt and water is a sure way to relieve stress.  One feels refreshed and detoxified.

f) Purifies the air: Harmful toxic fumes released from cars and buses can make the air extremely polluted. Sendha Namak has the properties to pull out the toxic components from the environment and helps to neutralizes them. It also removes the negativity of the area to some extent


Jaggery or GUR

We prepare Jaggery (or gur) from unrefined sugar. Boil concentrated sugar cane juice till it solidifies. This is better than refined sugar. Here are some health benefits that will help you to use jaggery as your sweetener for everyday purposes:

  1. Gur prevents constipation by aiding digestion. Many people prefer eating jaggery after a meal. The digestive enzymes in our body increase, helping in proper digestion of food.
  2. It acts as a detox, aids in cleansing the liver by flushing out toxins from the body.
  3. Jaggery is full of antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, help prevent aging. It helps boost resistance against infections, hence building stronger immunity.
  4. Eating a piece of jaggery daily with meals can help women combat PMS symptoms including mood swings.

Some other benefits of this gur/jaggery include

  1. Jagger acts as a natural sweetener and provides energy over an extended period of time.
  2. Treats flu-like symptoms: Jaggery produces heat in the body, so generally, people prefer to consume it in winters. The warming effect in jaggery makes it an amazing sweet that can treat cold and flu.
  3.  Prevents anemia: Gur is rich in iron and folate.   Benefits pregnant lady by maintaining the normal level of red blood cells. It gives instant energy to the body.
  4. Controls blood pressure: Gur contains potassium and sodium, which play an important role in the maintenance of acid levels in the body.  intake of Gur helps to maintain low Blood Pressure.
  5.  Relieves joint pain: You can eat jaggery with a piece of ginger to alleviate the pains of joints. You can even drink a glass of milk with jaggery every day to help fortify the bones, thus preventing arthritis.

However, consume in moderate amount as it is high in calorie.

Lime water
Benefits of drinking Lemon water in the morning

If you Sip warm lemon water in the morning, I promise you will not regret. Lemon water is a powerful tonic that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients important for our health. Drinking this simple mixture every morning help in your digestion and strengthen your immune system, besides promoting weight loss and alkalizing your body.

  1. In weight management: Lemons can regulate your blood sugar levels. It contains fiber known as pectin which can control your hunger as well. By consuming lemon water every morning, you will boost your metabolism and lose weight more efficiently.

2. In gallbladder pain: Drink lemon water along your meals to reduce the pain in your gallbladder.

3.   In colds and the flu: Lemons are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that acts as an antibacterial agent and is highly effective against colds and the flu.

4. Relief in GERD: If you’re suffering from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), start drinking lemon water and you will feel much better in just a few weeks.

Some other benefits are

5. Strengthens your nails: Lemon water will strengthen your nails and eliminate the white spots on them.

6.  Prevents food poisoning: Drinking lemon water when traveling abroad can significantly reduce the risk of food poisoning.

7. Treats fibromyalgia: If you’re suffering from this unpleasant condition, taking yoga classes and drinking lemon water is an effective way of fighting the pain.

8. Reduces inflammation: Lemons are an alkalizing food that can neutralize acids in your body and regulates your pH levels. This will, in turn, reduce inflammation and the risk of several serious diseases.

9. Relieves sore muscles: Drink lemon water after your workouts to reduce the risk of muscle soreness. Drink this water to relieve joint pain and swelling like Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease. Lemon water will relieve the swelling and pain and restore the mobility of your joints.

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