Green Coffee Bean -Supplement for Weight Loss and More
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Green Coffee Bean -Supplement for Weight Loss and More

Green Coffee Bean Supplement
Written by Anima Sur
When someone mentions coffee beans, you probably think about the aromatic, brown beverage that 99% of people around the world enjoy drinking. What if I were to tell you that there are other uses for a coffee bean? Green coffee beans are not some kind of special kind of coffee beans. You may find this surprising, but coffee beans are actually not the brown, dryish seed. Yeah, that’s another common misunderstanding when it comes to coffee beans. They are actually seeds and not beans. Anyway, the brown coffee bean that we know is after roasting, while when we pluck the seed from the coffee plant (usually somewhere in Brazil, or other countries where they grow them in abundance), the coffee bean is green. This is what generates our curiosity right now and I’ll tell you why very soon. green coffee bean

What can green coffee beans do for you?

Green coffee bean extract often finds application as a nutritional supplement in Japan. The main reason for this is because it contains high levels of Chlorogenic acids. These acids are phenolic compounds and pose antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of its anti-oxidant properties, green coffee bean extract is a very powerful weapon against oxidation damage and free radicals. Also, antioxidants can be a vital tool in fighting the signs of aging. Recently, Green Coffee Bean Max has become quite a hit on the market because of its potential ability to help people lose weight. There are two reasons why Green Coffee might be helpful to you if you want to get rid of a few pounds. The first one is caffeine, which is, even in small quantities able to prevent the absorption of fat. The other, Chlorogenic acid, can help activate the liver’s fat metabolism.

Lose weight easily and naturally with green coffee beans

You’ve probably heard on TV already that there is a new natural supplement on the market that can help you lose weight without doing any exercises. Yeah, I’m sure that sounds really familiar and that you’re already sick of hearing such claims, however, don’t stop reading this article just yet. There are a few things about this new supplement that you might find supportive of this, rather an audacious claim. Here are 10 things that you need to know about Green Coffee Bean Max that support the claim that it can help you lose weight:
  1. One study of benefits on the helpful properties of the green coffee extract on losing weight, in which a large group of people was involved, has found that even though the participants didn’t change anything in their lifestyle (they still ate pretty much the same food) were able to lose an average 17 pounds in a 12 week period of how much the study lasted. Most people lost, on average, 10% of their overall body weight and around 15% of the fat.

Other Notable facts include:

  1. To be really effective for losing weight, you need to use green coffee’s pure form. Once it is processed and roasted, the coffee bean is no longer any good for losing weight. This is because the coffee beans you use to mix your favorite hot beverage doesn’t contain Chlorogenic acid, which is lost when the beans are roasted.
  2. There are no side effects to Green Coffee Bean Max. Although the scientists tried to find any side effects, they still have to find any. However, keep in mind that a large scale study of this supplement is still necessary.
  3. Green Coffee Bean Max negates the need for a diet. Are you sick of those natural supplements that offer you to “lose weight quickly”, but can’t help you unless you start with some ridiculous diet? What’s the point of the product itself if I can get the results without it? this doesn’t require any diet, so you can take this supplement and still eat your favorite food.
Green coffee bean

Is Green Coffee Bean Max a real deal or not?

This supplement is completely natural. In fact, only the 100% pure green coffee bean extract, contains enough Chlorogenic acid to actually be helpful in losing weight, so be careful of fakes that contain only traces of this acid. So far, no side effects when it comes to this natural supplement. However, since it is a relatively new thing on the market, it is still largely under trial and a larger study is yet to prove this without any doubt. In the meantime, I’d advise you to first talk to your doctor about taking this diet supplement. Okay, how do you actually use this supplement? Well, first of all, the daily advisable intake of this supplement is 800 milligrams per day. If you want it to be really effective, then you should take it two times per day, in a 400 milligrams dosage each. The first half should be before breakfast and the other before dinner. However, this is only a recommendation and you don’t have to stick to it. If you miss a pill, don’t worry, as long as you use it routinely, Green Coffee Bean Max will be able to help you quite nicely. Green Coffee Bean

Studies on Green Coffee Bean Max

Several independent studies show the beneficial effects of green coffee bean extract. In one of them, a group of around 30 men participated for about 12 weeks. During that time, they didn’t have to change anything in their diet, except to take a daily dosage of Green Coffee Bean Max in the morning and evening. After 12 weeks of using this weight loss supplement, people in that study group lost, on average, 10% of their overall body mass and 16% of their fat levels. Of course, keep in mind that the studies so far are small in scale. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the world today and is responsible for many diseases a man must face. Although it is still quite early to tell, what the Green Coffee Bean Max is offering, might just be the thing we were waiting for and we could finally be getting a really effective fat burner.

Green Coffee Bean Max FAQ answered

Green Coffee Bean Max is one of the most popular new weight loss supplements and it has taken the market by storm. Due to this rapid rise in popularity, there are many people who are not really familiar with this product and who have a number of questions that they would like answered before they start using this to lose weight. We wish to answer these questions or at least those that we have found to be of most interest to potential users.

Question 1: What makes Green Coffee Bean Max so revolutionary?

Answer 1: The first and the foremost reason why it is considered to be one of the leading weight loss supplements at the moment, if not THE best out there is the fact that it is the first to use unroasted green coffee beans, which is essential. Namely, while fresh green coffee beans are spectacularly rich in various antioxidants and other weight loss ingredients when roasted, they lose about 90% of these active ingredients. This is why the manufacturers of Green Coffee Bean Max are so proud of their formulation which uses nothing but the freshest green coffee beans.

Question 2: Is there any scientific backing to these claims?

Answer 2: of course there is. You might have caught the episode of Dr. Oz in which he talked about the amazing benefits that Green Coffee Bean Max produces in people who take it regularly. The show introduced some very new evidence on how efficient green coffee beans are in reducing weight thanks to the high antioxidant content and other properties such as thermogenesis and improved sugar metabolism. You can even check out clinical studies on green coffee beans.

Question 3: Are there any synthetic additives in Green Coffee Bean Max?

Answer 3: No there are not. The only active ingredient is the green coffee bean extract and there is nothing synthetic in this supplement at all. This means that you can safely take Green Coffee Bean Max for as long as you wish without any worries of unwanted effects that might harm your health.

Question 4: Do I need to exercise when using Green Coffee Bean Max?

Answer 4: It is not mandatory. Namely, with this, you can lose weight even if you continue to lead the old lifestyle. However, we would still urge you to start exercising regularly and to cut down on foods that are high in fat content. This way, you will get the absolute best results that will turn you into a completely new person.

Question 5: Where can I get the product?

Answer 5: The absolute best place to buy is the official website as you ensure that you are getting the real deal and at the best possible prices. Keep in mind that they do not always have Green Coffee Bean Max in stock due to the incredible demand for this supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Max – a great new way to lose weight-Try Now

Green Coffee Bean Max is one of the first weight loss supplements that is taking advantage of the latest findings of the scientific community which has established that when roasted, green coffee beans lose more than 90% of their beneficial properties, making them pretty much useless in everything, weight loss included. This is why Green Coffee Bean Max uses only fresh and unroasted green coffee beans, ensuring that all of the beneficial properties are kept and that you are getting the most out of them. What is even more important, Green Coffee Bean Max packs 800 mgs in every dose, which is twice as much as the competitor products.
how it works
Green Coffee Bean Max works in a number of ways. Mainly towards helping you lose weight and all of these are equally as important. For one, the use of this will ensure that your body is using up the sugar that is ingested in your food properly. It will contribute to your weight loss program. Furthermore, it has been proven that it can also increase body temperature. This condition further burns the fats, once again playing a vital role in your weight loss program. Finally, since Green Coffee Bean Max is packed full of some of the most potent antioxidants, you will be losing weight thanks to this as well. In short, this works on a number of fronts and it does everything it can to help you lose weight.
Scientific Research data
There was even a clinical study conducted on the product, with a number of participants. Some of which were given a placebo. While some of them were given two various dosages of Green Coffee Bean Max. It goes without saying that those who have been using this got much more dramatic results. We would also like to add that Green Coffee Bean Max is an entirely natural product. You will find no synthetic additives in the supplement. This means that the weight loss program is as natural as possible. Moreover, you do not need to worry about any side effects.  

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