Hair Treatment and Dosha Effects on Hair
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Hair Treatment and Dosha Effects on Hair

Hair Treatment and Dosha effect
Written by Anima Sur
Providing the correct nourishment to your scalp can help boost hair growth. This article will try to give an idea of various hair treatment and dosha effect on hair related problems. Common man or woman identifies dandruff when there are flaky dry particles (dead skin) in the hair with an oily sheen. Dandruff arises from oily scalps and not dry scalps. Most people think that dandruff can be removed by washing with medicated shampoo available in the market. To some extent it is true. It is said that foods that have artificial colors, preservatives, or additives should be avoided when dandruff takes place. The following tips can be followed to get rid of dandruff:
  • The best home method is to give regular treatment to the hair by massaging the scalp with available coconut oil, every night. In the morning, the hair may be washed with shampoo. Massaging a mixture of coconut oil, ‘Til’ oil, and ‘Amla oil’ and washing the hair after one hour of such an application removes a good lot of dandruff.
  • Keeping the hair clean is the best method of treatment for dandruff. And for this, you have to shampoo daily as you comb and brush your hair daily. Selecting an appropriate shampoo is a must in this case.

Here will mainly discuss hair treatment for 3 main problems and effect according to dosha

  1. Greasy /oily hair Treatment
2. Flaky Scalp Treatment 3, Split Ends Treatment Conventional Treatment Panchakarma Treatment

Hair Treatment of Greasy Scalp/oily hair

People having a greasy scalp should not worry much about it. If they do not apply the oil over the hair regularly, they will lose their hair. The best is to adopt the homeopathic method, Like cures like’. Add oil to the greasy scalp. Since the scalp itself is producing more oil, the existence of oil on the scalp would stop the production of oil from within. The imbalance will thus be overruled. If you are washing the hair twice a week (women), apply oil, massage it into the scalp and leave it for at least one hour before washing it with shampoo. If you are a male, do it five times a week. Some doctors and trichologists do not agree with this theory and say that frequent washing and less oil application removes the condition of greasy hair. It is better to consult a cosmetic clinic when you do not find any relief in adopting the above methods because you will need a conditioner to rectify the greasy scalp. hair treatment and dosha

SHAMPOO and Hair Relation (Hair Treatment and Dosha)

A US study states that ‘Baby shampoo’ available in the market is good for removing excess oil from the hair. This shampoo is mild due to its alkaline nature but it is a great degreasing agent. If this suits, go on using this shampoo otherwise purchase some shampoo meant for oily scalp have drying agents like zinc sulfide, etc. If you wash your hair with shampoo twice a day, it will remove the oily nature of hair but this may not be impossible in India where people are very busy in their jobs and professions. A check-up of hormones is also useful although an oily scalp has nothing to do with genes. If the scalp had been dry earlier and it has turned oily after the use of some medicines or birth control pills then stop taking pills for some time and check the result.

hair treatment and dosha

Hair Treatment and Dosha effect of Flaky Scalp types

The hair on our body is a real gift of God that saves the skin. Hair If you are using very harsh shampoos, which have hard chemicals, there is a possibility that the scalp may develop flakes and these should be avoided. Of course, poor diet, stress and poor diet, stress, and lack of sebum also imbalance the hair texture and produce flakes. Moisture-rich shampoo and some good conditioner generally remove the flakes. Pitta’s hair tends to be oily on top with frizzy or crisp ends. Early graying and hair loss are common in Pitta types. The hair is often flat and thin. The pitta scalp tends to be red, may have blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, and may be itchy and sensitive. The mental energy of Pittas is; agitation, frustration, and always busy organizing and trying to control their thoughts. The predominant emotion confronting the mind is anger. The Pitta scalp treatment comforts these symptoms with a cooling herbal preparation of chilled coconut paste and/or organic natural yogurts. The powered herbs are then mixed with jasmine and sandalwood fragrant oils. Pittas love aromatics. These customized preparations are firmly massaged into the scalp and hair to stimulate hair growth, inspire forgiveness, and to promote tranquility. The hair is gently brushed and the head is firmly wrapped in cool aromatic towels.


hair tends to be frizzy, dry, curly, tangled, and static. These conditions may be present throughout the hair or just at the ends. The Vata scalp can be flaky, with dandruff, itchy, and dry. People with Vata heads are; active, indecisive, scattered, imaginative, and creative. The predominant emotion is fear. The Vata scalp treatment soothes these symptoms with herbal medicated powders added to warm ghee, milk, and base oils such as sesame, sweet almond, avocado, and/or castor. This customized formula is then comfortingly massaged into the scalp and hair with a gentle motion. The hair is brushed and the head is wrapped in aromatic hot towels. The Shirodhara treatment can be added to any scalp treatment for meditation purposes. This treatment is excellent for migraine and tension headaches, and for neck and shoulder pain. A cooling shower is recommended after this treatment.


have lush, full, thick, wavy, and slightly oil-rich hair. The Kapha scalp is usually moist with full, strong healthy hair. The mental energy in Kapha heads is heavy, dull, and lethargic. The predominant emotion is depression. The Kapha scalp treatment addresses these symptoms with stimulating and motivating herbal preparations in warmed hair oils (i.e. alma) with euphoric citrus aromas to entice energy and uplift the spirits. This restores the shine and movement of the hair. The scalp and hair are vigorously brushed and wrapped until cooled This treatment is generally for preservation and maintenance. Aids in times of depression, lethargy, and boredom.

Hair Treatment and Dosha effect on Split Ends condition

Hair split ends are the condition of hair mostly in women. Some of the hair bunches at the ends from splitting. Split is the lengthwise division of the hair. In this condition, the cuticle of hair gets damaged and the fiber of the cortex becomes disentangled (unraveled). This condition happens due to the use of harsh soaps, shampoos, and hard chemicals. To rectify the hair split ends, there is no treatment. It is better to cut the split ends of the hairs and for this, you have to go to the hairdresser or a beauty salon. The hairdressers take small sections of hair-strands and twist them and scissor up and down the hair shaft to cut any stray end which appears to rise above the whole level of hair. It is an art to cut split-end hair and one should not try it at home.


On the other hand, imbalances can and quite often do impact both the strength and appearance of our hair. And this can absolutely be remedied. The following symptoms may help to give you an idea of which dosha(s) may be compromising your hair:
  • The predominance of excess Vata causes the hair to be dry, frizzy, brittle, and lusterless. It is also responsible for the hair to thin, fall out in clumps, become shorter and more difficult to grow out, and present with split ends.
  • Imbalance of Pitta causes excess heat in the hair follicles, which can damage the hair and lead to premature thinning, early graying, and baldness. Heat in the hair follicles is often accompanied by an affinity to be hot-headed, quick-tempered, or excessively ambitious.
  • Excess Kapha causes excessive oiliness, heaviness, and thickness in the hair. Coconut oil helps hydrate hair and stop split ends. Virgin Coconut oil is also good to fight female hair loss by activating the regrowth of hair follicles on the scalp naturally.
  • Amla helps get rid of spoiled hair. It is well-known to strengthen hair’s roots preventing hair fall and helping hair turn shiny and strong. Amla is also effective to help regrow new hair in the scalp by invigorating the scalp’s blood flow to hair follicles. This Ayurvedic cure for hair loss recipe will help hair to be softer and stronger with every use.
hair treatment and dosha

Hair Treatment: Conventional and Mechanical

Very occasionally, you will find males seeking advice regarding hirsutism on the trunk and back. In other cases, take the instance of moles on the body having streaks of hair in them. Strong hairs are found in pigmented moles and these moles are large in some cases but still, these are not bothered about because these are seldom larger than a few square centimeters. Also, a tuft of well-developed long hair is seen arising from the skin overlying a spina bifida (a congenital defect in which the vertebral neural arches fail to close) in some cases but the males do not bother about this petty disorder. Women are very much conscious about their looks and excessive hair growth in unwanted places. The best way to remove hair from the face is to get them away. There are many methods available for the removal of hair. Both cosmetics and mechanical methods available are the cheapest. Shaving is the best method but women and girls do not like it due to social restrictions. Some women use a piece of a soaped pumice stone to scrub away the hair instead of using a razor. This takes time and is again believe to be unsocial in the present era when hair-removing creams are available in plenty. There are waxes (epilator) and chemical depilatories for this purpose.

Some Popular Products available in the Market

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