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Mind source of power
Written by Anima Sur

If we follow the ancient scriptures, we come to know that we ourselves are the creator of various diseases. Apart from congenital diseases majority of illness are our own creations. Well, the question is how? The main cause is our indiscipline mind. In today’s world majority are materialistic, everyone is so busy maintaining their social status that they rarely find any time for themselves. This, in turn, created stress, tension. People resort to overeating, lack of sleep. All these factors over a period of time lead to an imbalance in the body and it manifests in the form of diseases.

Besides, whether you believe or not, Kala Chakra has a deep and profound effect on your mind and body. Planets particularly the Sun and Moon are closely related to our health. Solar energy helps to function of the body and the moon represents the state of mind. Even the gross body is a combination of five elements and is governed by them. It is a different issue that everyone is not aware of this basic fact.

Know your Body. What is the main cause of the disease?

Understanding the process of how your body performs is the primary responsibility of anyone. For our own wellness, it is important to know how we can handle the problems that the body encounters. The main problem creating factor is stress and tension. It is this stress that disrupts the entire system of the body.

Effect of Stress-Cause of Disease

Stress and Tension main culprit of all disease

If anyone goes on accumulating tension due to the desires to materialistic comforts this affects the mind. Besides this is a manifest in the body also in the form of aches and pains. Now, you are thinking of how tensions of mind can affect the entire body? Well, thoughts are in the mind but its physical interpretation is the pain of joints and muscles of the body. Usually, tension causes pain in the shoulder, neck, and head.

A hypertensive individual is prone to flatulence, indigestion or acid reflux due to increased acid production. On a usual basis, all love to pop up pills for headaches, stomach problems. But the question is how to get well when the main root cause of these diseases is not resolved. The root cause is tension. Where is its location? Well, its all in the mind. So the root of all diseases is in the mind and the effects are seen in the body.

When life is sad, tense, anyone can lose the desire to live. Then the subconscious mind brings the effect in the form of ailments of the body. Research has shown that when a person is disheartened, the best of medicines are ineffective. On the other hand, an optimistic person rarely falls ill. Even if he suffers he recovers fast.

The adverse effect of Tension

In the present society, man has various means to make life comfortable, but along with these comforts, he has also inherited an unwanted thing-Tension. An amazing fact is related to tension. People don’t realize that they have tension. But the truth is that from young children to teenagers and elderly people all suffer from tension. Tension gives rise to high blood pressure and heart disease. Another amazing concept of people when you say blood pressure is high – this doesn’t sound alarming but when “hypertension” is used one becomes aware of the danger.

Symptoms of stress

Life is for joy and blissfulness. To achieve it you have to completely unburden your mind and intellect. In present society tension and stress are best friends an one cannot deny them. If you are suffering from any one of the mentioned symptoms like

  • Having frequent headaches
  • You require digestive pills to digest your food
  • You don’t have a sound sleep
  • Your pulse rate and heartbeat are abnormal

Then definitely you are living a stressful life.

Cause of allergies

When anyone suffers from phobias, manias, and depression, you become highly prone to allergies. Allergies are related more to your mind than to your body.

Yogic secrets to a wellness

For a disease-free life-Live your life in a disciplined, wise manner. As long as you harbor dislikes, you can never find peace. To lift the burden of emotions and stress from the mind, an ancient technique of “yoga nidra” provides a unique path. Here one harness and use the power of the mind, to make the body healthier.

Lifestyle changes are necessary- Positive attitude towards life is necessary

Practice Yoga asanas in the correct way. The postures of asanas have particular effects on the glands of the body.

Along with asana practice Shatkarmas and Detoxification/Panchakarma


Understand the true purpose of Life-Life is incomplete without essence and substance. It is essential to remember that no one can cheat life.

All these will try to explain in other topics.


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Anima Sur

A health Blogger. "Take care of the whole, and the part will take care of itself". This is the essence of Yogic Wellness- keeping the whole being healthy.