Importance of Inner Beauty and Ways to Achieve It

Importance of Inner Beauty and Ways to Achieve It

Inner Beauty
Written by Anima Sur

Before explaining the topic of inner beauty and methods of achieving it , let us take general thoughts. Though we all know “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, even then we all have the desire to be beautiful. Rather we want to get compliments from others about our external looks. But how we look is defined by many factors particularly the genes we get from our parents. and definitely, we don’t have any control over this as we do not select our biological parents.  If someone is not naturally beautiful then no amount of cosmetics will make you beautiful. Definitely, you can create an illusion. The big industry is there for beautifying- mainly the external body.

External Beauty and internal beauty

As per the requirement of this website emphasize is on the Inner beauty.  Like to put in as Rumi said: “the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart”. Here lies the importance of inner beauty and ways to achieve it are simple. Use products that nature has given in abundance for the application. Traditionally people were using the kitchen products for application to maintain our skin, hair. The most common thing that finds use is Turmeric. Well, you can definitely mix turmeric with besan (gram flour), coconut oil and make a paste. This paste cleans the body like a soap. Since soaps are the mix of chemicals thus with the lapse of time skin loses its natural oil content wherein arises the use of moisturizers. Again, moisturizers are full of synthetic substances. If you are using pastes with turmeric which is antiseptic as well as anti-fungal skin diseases are at bay and skin gets a natural glow because of the coconut oil therein.

Some people have bad body odor, which they cannot remove by perfumes, deodorants or perfumed soaps. Have you ever wondered what the cause of such foul smell from the body?. Some have ordurous sweats, some have bad breath –its really difficult to speak or listen to them in close proximity.  Well, the answer is the accumulation of toxins in the body. The feces that is in the large intestine is the main cause of the foul smell. So you have got to get rid of these toxins from the body.

How to clean up the accumulated toxins?

If you are healthy and not suffering from any disease, then you can try this following detoxification diet. Stay on a diet of lemon and carrot juice for three days. On the third day, the large intestine will be clean. You are thinking of how this is possible. As you are on a liquid diet only what is there to clear up from the large intestine. It is the accumulated waste that gets removed. In naturopathy, administering enemas is there to clear the bowel. Once the waste matters are out not only you feel light but the bad odor also vanishes.

To clear up the toxicity from your body it is necessary to be careful with your diet. With minor modifications in your diet and Dhauti (Shankha Prakshalana) you will notice a clear change in 4-5 days. You will be free from bad breath.

So, to conclude a healthy diet, good sleeping habits, regular bowel movement it is possible that your body will also emanate a gentle natural perfume.

Some examples of Sages from history

Mahavira’s body emanated a natural fragrance. It is said that even Buddha’s dead body had a natural fragrance. Now the question is why and how their bodies were fragrant? A simple answer to this is if the body and mind are pure, an unpleasant smell is not possible.

  1. Buddha lived the life of a monk. He ate only once a day and even for that single meal he had to walk miles. Walking all the way to collect his food and again returning back to his dwelling. Walking was an exercise. Moreover, his body and mind were balanced which in turn eliminates the possibility of diseases.

Even the great sages like Ramana Maharishi, Ramkrishna Paramhansha left the world due to cancer.

I am just trying to establish the facts following a healthy lifestyle, including Yogasanas, Pranayama chances of developing diseases are reduced. This disciplined lifestyle also keeps the mind stress free and thus a glow radiates out of the person.

Again there are other cleansing techniques given by Raja Yoga which increases immunity. These also give the external appearance a glow. A disease like cancer too is not imported to the body. It is created in the body itself. If you are relaxed and regularly practice Yogasanas, Pranayama, then the chances of getting cancer is negligible.

Shatkarma-Six Methods To Cleanse The Body Internally

In order to prevent diseases, eliminating the toxins from the body is very crucial. An impure body creates a problem for spiritual upliftment the cleansing of the gross body is essential. To achieve this, ancient yogis formulated six methods known as “Shatkarma”. These are;

NETI- Nasal Cleaning

DHAUTI- Cleansing of the digestive tract

NAULI- Abdominal Massage

BASTI-Washing out Colon

kapalbhati- Purification of the frontal lobes

TRATAKA- Technique of fixed gazing without blinking

Explanation in brief

NETI: This is of two types-Jal (water)  and Sutra (string).By this process, the olfactory region is the target. Over the accumulation of mucus and other unwanted elements such as bacteria, microbes require elimination with the help of this kriya. Additionally, the sinuses also get clear by doing Neti.

Benefits: This helps in curing a common cold. Besides regular practice, many diseases of ear, nose, throat are under control. It is very useful in removing headaches.

DHAUTI: This consists of two parts
  1. Varisara Dhauti: Takes care of the cleaning of the entire gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus. Usually indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome are curable with this Kriya. This again is of two types.  a)Laghoo Shanka Prakshalana: A short-form where one drinks six glasses of warm saline water and expels. The main action of this kriya is to clean the small and large intestine. As a result of the cleaning of the lower intestinal tract one experiences release in energy.  b)Poorna Shankha Prakshalana: For thorough cleaning of the body try this practice. As this is a quite long and challenging process, guidance from a qualified person is necessary. A variety of diseases are under control.
  2. Vamana Dhauti (Kunjal Kriya): the main purpose of the technique is to clean the alimentary canal and stomach or the upper part of the body. Mainly stomach acidity problems, dyspepsia, some breathing-related problems are taken care of.

kapalbhati: This is also a part of Pranayama.  Besides, a cleansing breathing technique – for the respiratory system and the lungs. Besides, it strengthens the muscles of the abdomen thus aiding indigestion.

TRATAKA:  It is a technique of gazing steadily without blinking at one point.  This helps strengthen the eye muscles and also in concentration. This is also of two types.

  1. External Trataka: Usually by focusing on a candle flame, flower, deity, sky.
  2. Internal Trataka: This usually takes a calm mind where one creates a mental image of a guru or god and performs the internal trataka.
Regarding Heart Health

The most important practice, to protect from heart diseases is Yoga Nidra. Memories and impressions of several incarnations lie in our subconscious. This creates the mind to be restless, unhappy and bewildered. In spite of having everything, there lies a feeling of emptiness.  Well, it is a different matter that soon this confusion, this madness starts appearing normal.

If one considers the abnormal condition normal then nothing really helps. But one requires to understand very clearly that if one wishes to remain healthy, one needs to adapt the wonderful measures prescribed by yoga. These are necessary for life.

Swara Yoga Basics
A curiosity

have you ever wondered why our nose has two nostrils? Well, this is due to the fact that right and left nostrils perform different functions. They activate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Experiments have revealed that if one closes the right nostril and breathe through the left, then the right hemisphere of the brain is activated.

As per Swara Yoga-the left side of the brain is activated by activating Pingala (right nostril breathing) and the right brain is activated by activating Ida (left nostril breathing).

Ending Note:

To enhance life -a beautiful gift of nature you require to practice the Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation-Breathing techniques, Mudras, Easily digestible foods and remove stress and tensions. Yogic wellness secrets are to help people destress and declutter by compiling the ancient methods taught by the sages.

Health is the greatest wealth.

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A health Blogger. "Take care of the whole, and the part will take care of itself". This is the essence of Yogic Wellness- keeping the whole being healthy.