Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Reiki Healing Therapy
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Reiki Healing Therapy -Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About

Written by Anima Sur

Reiki is originally from Japan and is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This is a form of alternative medicine or energy medicine. It is performed by “laying on hands” and is based on the thought that an invisible “life force energy” flows through us acting as the prime force to be alive. If one's
“life force energy” is subdued, then we are more likely to get ill or feel stress, and when it is elevated, we are more efficient at being happy and healthy.
Meaning of the word Reiki consists of two Japanese words – “Rei” meaning “God Wisdom or the Higher Power” and “Ki “which is “life force energy” So Reiki is a synonym for “spiritually guided life force energy.”


Though Reiki is not a religion, it is still like a ritual so necessary to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others. Mikao Usui, the originator of the Reiki system of natural healing, suggested that Reiki practice is simple. The ethical ideals to uphold peace and harmony, which are nearly the same for all cultures. several years after developing Reiki, Mikao Usui thought o including some Reiki Ideals to the practice of Reiki. These Ideals came are derived from the five principles of Mikao’s admiration the Meiji emperor of Japan. The Ideals were
incorporated to add spiritual balance to Usui Reiki. Their purpose is to assist people to realize that healing the soul by consciously deciding to improve oneself. To get full benefit the Reiki healing and to have lasting results, the client must accept emotionally and actively involved in the process. The main fact is that the Usui system of Reiki is beyond the use of the Reiki energy. Active involvement & commitment
to improving oneself on part of the client is necessary to form a complete system. The ideas incorporated by Mikao act as guidelines for living a gracious life.

Different Types of Reiki around the world

Though Mikao Usui is the founder of the Reiki healing system which is practiced all over the world. The popularity of the energy healing system in the West is due to the spreading by a Japanese woman Hawayo Takata.

  • Karuna Reiki
  •  Tibetian Reiki
  •  Rainbow Reiki
  •  Shamballa Reiki
  •  Imara Reiki
  •  Kundalini Reiki
  •  Five Element Seichem
  • Gendai Reiki

Sometimes Classification of Reiki healing system includes only these 5 systems namely

Jikiden Reiki (Eastern Method)
Usui Reiki (Western Method)
Karuna Reiki
Lighterian Reiki
Sekhem or Seichem Reiki

Brief Details of Some Reiki Types

Karuna Reiki:

Karuna literally means a profound feeling to ease suffering, with enduring compassion towards all

species. Karuna Reiki utilizes sounds vibrations, endowed with the power to heal. These

sounds are holy and potent. They usually pass on mutely through intention

or chanting, to bring about deeper levels of curing. A most significant area of Karuna Reiki is

to heal addictions.

Karuna Reiki


  • Gentle and noninvasive, calming
  •  Heals unaware pattern
  •  It helps regulate sleeping cycles (insomnia).
  •  Help panic, fatigue & muscle pain.
  •  Help reveal personal goals.
  • Removes negative energy or blockages away from the body and releases aches & pain.
  • Reduces and eliminates emotional pain.
  • Does not interfere with one’s religious faith
  •  Acts on body cellular level
  •  Deals past life issues
  •  Helps communication
  • Aids co-dependency
  •  Helps in relationships and to improve them
  •  Assists the individual to be more realistic and grounded
  •   It helps accept imperfect parts of oneself.
  •  Improves learning ability and clarity of mind

Gendai reiki

Gendai Reiki:

Gendai equivalents are modern. Mr. Hiroshi Doi is the originator of this system. He brings a strong Buddhist standpoint to the original reiki school of teachings.



Rainbow Reiki:

Walter Lubeck, a reiki master started this form. Working with the seven main chakras in the body to heal is the specialty of this Reiki. These chakras are related to the 7 colors of the Rainbow hence the name. This spiritual energy is of primary importance to heal and understand our true nature.

Five Element Seichem:

This system came up with Alex Baisley in Canada. This helps us to willfully use the five elements of the cosmic vital force or prana to support healing.

Shamballa Reiki:

This system of Reiki helps to cleanse, repair and stabilize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of an individual. Here besides reiki energy, many vibratory symbols and curing rays are utilized to achieve the purpose.

Kundalini Reiki:

Here, Reiki energy is channeled through the Root chakra rather than the Crown chakra. This ignites spirituality and even helps the practitioner to overcome shyness or recover from trauma and other depressing emotions.

Imara Reiki:

The Reiki energy is for working on precedent life, suppressed issues and helps in long-distance healing. The practitioner gets support from the association of ascended masters and angels.


During the treatment, the feeling is like a wonderful gleaming radiance that flows through and surrounds you. Reiki is a holistic treatment. It treats the entire person considering the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Thus creating various beneficial effects that consist of relaxation and feelings of harmony, safety, and wellbeing. Many have reported astonishing results. The procedure is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual wellbeing and self-empowerment that everyone can use. It has been efficient in helping almost every known ailment and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

How Does Distant Reiki Work?

Most people are doubtful of a distant Reiki session or remote Reiki healing. I fully understand the reason. This happens until the individual experienced it for himself. It sparks the question How can someone in another room, another city or even another country experience healing from a Reiki
therapist in a different place? But on the contrary, again how can they not? Reiki is a natural healing energy that mechanism effecting on every level, not just the physical one and this is exactly where we have a dilemma understanding how a Reiki distance session works. Within the confined framework of our physical world, everything has to be done in person. If you require a haircut, a massage, dental work, beauty care or pathological test, it cannot be done by
Remotely. It requires to be done in physical proximity. There has to be a physical contact made with your body and that is where Reiki healing is different.

How Distant Reiki Benefits?

Once clients begin having Reiki by distance, they mainly develop preference on it because it is so convenient and they also get a follow-up report.
Some of them are

  •  The client doesn’t require to dress up and get ready
    • The customer doesn’t move out of their home always
    • The client not required to adjust as per other’s schedule or communicating
    • a person gets written documentation of their healing session.
    • The cost involved is less than a personal session
    The only way for you to identify if a Reiki Distance Session really works is to try one for
    yourself. However, while trying out, don’t be surprised if it becomes your preferred method
    of healing. Distant Reiki sessions normally last 30 minutes. One can schedule the session at a time that is most
    convenient for you. During the session, though not mandatory it is favorable if you are lying down
    in a quiet place where you are not distracted by others.


Traditional Reiki symbols are holy and are to be kept secret. Revelation only to those who are about to move into the Second or Third degree of Reiki. However, will try to give a glimpse of their nature, how they work and their history while keeping the honor and trust.

Reiki symbols are an integral and very interesting part of Reiki practice. The importance lies in the fact that these allow one to focus the energy of Reiki for definite purposes. Traditionally a total of four symbols are present in the Usui system of Reiki. The revelation of these symbols happens in Reiki II and remaining in Reiki III. Other symbols that people are following also have value, but they are not a part of the traditional Usui system.

Usui Reiki symbols are created with simple words from the Japanese language. They are not as baffling as they seem. The names can be easily found in the English/Japanese dictionary. Since it is a common practice of the Japanese Buddhists to use letters of Sanskrit along with Japanese in writings we find the existence of Sanskrit also in the symbols. The Master & Distant Symbol are purely Japanese words.

An interesting fact that the Usui Reiki existed before Dr. Usui implemented them as Reiki Symbols. Folklore says Dr. Usui received the symbols in his spiritual experience on Mt. Kurama, (north of Kyoto) or that he had prior knowledge of them from the Zen Buddhists or other religious groups he had studied with. Some believe that he discovered these symbols from Sanskrit Sutras as there is a resemblance. These are all fascinating ideas to consider. Research on the foundation of the Reiki symbols is continuing so it is likely that this fact will continue to widen

How Reiki Symbols Function-Basic Facts

The symbols in Reiki are transcendental in nature. Usually, we know that majority symbols change one’s internal state of being by directly affecting the subconscious mind of the concerned individual. In the case of Reiki, symbols access the source of Reiki directly and indicate a change in how the Reiki energy functions, irrespective of one’s internal state.

Activation of the symbols happens in various ways. Activation is by illustrating them with the hand, by visualizing them, or by uttering the name either out loud or whispering tone to oneself. The main ingredient inactivation is definitely the intention. Awareness plays a vital role along with the intention. There are also some other ways depending on the individual.

Reiki Attunement –an integral process

The command and usefulness of the symbols come from Reiki attunement which is given during a Reiki class. Initially, the student is shown the symbols and given an instance to memorize them. It is only during the attunement; the energies of each symbol flow and enter the student’s mind/body, connecting themselves to the appropriate symbol in the student’s mind. Subsequently, whenever the student uses the symbol, the equivalent energies that they were linked to during the attunement are activated and begin flowing.

This linking or activation of the Reiki symbols during the attunement process, uses the mechanism of the stimulus/response forming a dynamic part of the human mind. This is based on the demonstration process by the psychologist Pavlov in his famous experiments with dogs. By ringing a bell whenever a dog was eating, he established a stimulus/response relationship in the mind of the dog. After doing this several times, whenever Pavlov rang the bell, even when the dog was not eating and food was not available, the dog began salivating. During the Reiki attunement, the energy of the attunement causes the Reiki symbol to become a stimulus and the particular energy the symbol represents which is present during the attunement becomes the response. However, since the attunement is guided by the Higher Power, and functions at a higher level of awareness, the stimulus/response mechanism doesn’t require the recurrence usually necessary to establish a relationship between stimulus and response. It happens instantly. Then whenever you think of the symbol or use any other way to activate it, the energy that the symbols represent begins to flow.

Why Secrecy with Reiki Symbols?

The Reiki symbols have traditionally been kept undisclosed. While secrecy is a way of honoring their holiness, there are also metaphysical reasons for this. There is an authority in secrecy and this is also a method of keeping a sacred association with the symbols. Without the attunement, the symbols are powerless it is better that they are kept covert until the class. Moreover, if an individual is shown a Reiki symbol without the benefit of the attunement that empowers it, they may wrongly believe they have Reiki and not consider taking a class, thus missing the real understanding of Reiki and losing the benefit of its healing power. While it is true that the symbols have been published in some books, this does not hamper the significance that comes from an individual not showing the symbols they have received from their Reiki teacher to others. The worth of sacredness will remain for anyone who continues to not show them to those who have not reached the level of Reiki where those symbols are taught.

Differences in REIKI Symbols

Many have noticed differences in the way the symbols are drawn when compared to the symbols from other Reiki Masters. These differences are due to a number of reasons. First, it is identified that Mrs. Takata did not always draw the symbols exactly the same for every disciple. After her demise, there was a meeting of the Reiki Masters she initiated in which they compared their symbols. The Power symbols of all the Masters present were fundamentally the same. The Mental/Emotional symbols of the Masters had some minor differences. But the Distant symbols were quite different – especially with the strokes at the bottom. They did not judge their Master symbols. So, even at that early stage, there were differences that apparently came from Mrs. Takata. Perhaps she intentionally drew them differently to give a little different for each student or perhaps at other times, due to age or from having taught for over 30 years, she accidentally drew them with some differences.

Remember the power of the symbols does not come from sketching them perfectly. It comes from the linkage that is made between the symbol the student receives in class and the attunement energies entering the student body/mind during the Reiki initiation.

The Reiki symbols are a magnificent, striking way to connect to the higher power. Their use does not require that we be able to meditate or have years of spiritual practice. Their supremacy and usefulness come to us by grace, allowing us to humbly accept the value we receive as an endowment from the Originator. We are thankful for the efforts of Dr. Usui and all the others who have lovingly worked to make this curative system available to us.  To reap full benefit a consciousness and harmonious living is essential.

Five Major Reiki Symbols

The following five Reiki symbols were developed as teaching tools for students and are destined to be keys that open the gateway to higher consciousness.


The Power Reiki Symbol

Name: Cho Ku Rei

Intention: Light Switch

Purposes: Manifestation, accelerated healing, healing medium, protection

Cho Ku Rei, or the power symbol, refer to “Place the power of the universe here.” This symbol can be used at any time during healing but is especially influential at the start or end of a session. It is most often compared to a light switch as its intention is to directly boost your abilities.

The coil-like structure of this symbol is amazingly telling. The coil can increase and decrease to regulate the “ki” energies. It also finds application as a funnel of sorts to intensify and focus power or to decrease and release energy when used in reverse. The coil can also be used to close space around the receiver or an area in order to block out negative energies and to keep energies received from leaving.

The Mental & Emotional Reiki Symbol

Name: Sei Hei Ki

Objective: Balance

Purposes: Enhance memory, Emotional Healing, Mental Stability

Also known as the synchronization symbol, Sei Hei Ki (pronounced “Say-Hay-Key”) combines together the brain and the body. Literally translated to “God and man become one,” Sei Hei Ki releases deep-seated emotional pessimism from the body and into the cosmos. Making this symbol your partner is an asset that will repay you over the course of your life. Sei Hei Ki is “loyal friend,” especially whenever you are facing difficulties.

The Connection Reiki Symbol

 Name: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Objective: Timelessness

Purposes: Distant healing, past/present/future, healing karma, spiritual association

Also known as the “Distance Symbol,” Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (pronounced “Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen”) interprets “No past, no present, and no future” and is to broaden powers and propel Reiki energies over a long distance. It symbolizes a contour shifter that can slip through time and space. However, do not focus its efforts on a specific crisis – rather you must drive its Energies Without Limitations and they will go where they are required. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen also gives access to the “Akashic Records,” or the life accounts of the soul. Due to this, it finds application to dispense trauma from past life experiences for deep karmic curing.

The Master Reiki Symbol

Name: Dai Ko Myo

Objective: Enlightenment

Purposes: Empowerment, soul healing, oneness

Perhaps, it is the Master symbol because it gives us a direct correlation to the Master within, which is the real basis of Reiki. Also, the Usui Master symbol is a powerful representation of Zen Buddhism. In addition, the Usui Master symbol also appears as part of the symbol on the Goshintai, which is the holy roll of the Johrei Fellowship.

The symbol means “Great Enlightenment” or “Bright Shining Light.”It embodies the entire Reiki and is reflects to be the heart of Reiki.

Rarely used for anyone’s precise purpose, this symbol instead enhances the healing effects of every form of Reiki and acts as a reminder that Reiki is love and accessible to everyone.

The Completion Reiki Symbol

Name: Raku

Objective: Grounding

Purposes: Kundalini Healing, hara link, chakra arrangement

The Raku symbol is the closing symbol learned by Usui Reiki Masters and is used exclusively during the final stage of the Reiki attunement process to seal energy into the seven chakras. Its aim is to ground and seal the recently awakened Reiki energies. Also known as the “Fire Serpent,” the striking lightning bolt representation is drawn downwards from the heavens to the ground and represents the life-force vigor that runs down the spine, through our chakras. The genesis of this symbol is less apparent as it was not initially taught by Usui. Instead, it is speculated that Raku is an antique Tibetan healing art of self-mastery and brought to the west by Arthur Robertson, a student of Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro.


This is a vast subject. There are various levels that require training from a qualified Master.  Moreover after learning regular practice is necessary. Some other topics will provide the center details and where courses are available. This healing is also finding application in various physical/mental/emotional illnesses. The main applications are in Infertility treatment, stress management, Chakra Healing, Crystal Therapy, weight loss. 

You can claim your reiki energy Bracelet also for health and wellbeing.



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