Spiritualism and Color-manifestation through Aura and Chakras

Spiritualism and Color-manifestation through Chakras and Aura

Aura and Chakras
Written by Anima Sur

The 7 Colors And their Spiritual Meanings are critical for our lives, they are incredible and valuable in our regular day to day existence. Presently you can perceive how complex the Spiritual Meaning Of Colors is. You can utilize them to enhance your contemplation and brighten up the soul. This article is to give a primary idea about Chakras Aura and color.

Most importantly, we as a whole realize that there are 7 primary hues. We see these fundamental hues in the rainbow, chakras, and auras as well. Alternately majority of colors are simply mixing of these 7 fundamental hues, in various proportions. These seven hues are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Every one of these hues has their own importance and significance and they can impact us in various ways.

7 Chakras with Color and MeaningChakra information in Spiritualism and resemblance of color

What is chakra in Spiritualism and what color it resembles: Word Chakra literally means wheel. In Meditation or Yogic Science, chakra plays a vital role. There are 7 distinct points located along the spinal cord in the subtle body which are basic seats of the pranic energy. These are situated from top of head to the base of the spine.

Violet: It is the shade of the seventh or crown chakra. You can utilize this shading each time you think to open an association with Spirit.

Indigo: It is the shade of the sixth chakra or third eye chakra. In this way, you can utilize this shading in your contemplation. On energizing this chakra you can improve the quality and clarity of your thoughts

Blue: It is the shade of the throat or the fifth chakra. This is also known as Vishuddha Along these lines, you can enhance your relational abilities by utilizing the blue shading in your contemplation.

Green: It is the shade of the heart chakra, the fourth chakra. Green is used for restoration

Yellow: Yellow is the shade of the sun oriented plexus chakra the third chakra. This color is related to inner strength.

Orange: This is the shade of the second chakra or the sacral chakra. In this way, you can utilize this shading in your reflection procedure. It influences the harmony as well as abundance in life

Red: This is the shade of the root chakra also known as Muladhara. You can utilize it to reflect when you need to enhance your enthusiasm or you simply need to feel more secure.

Chakra Symbols

Chakra Names in English and Hindi 

Starting the base of the spine to the top of the human body Chakras are as follows.

Root Chakra-              Muladhara

        Sacral Chakra-           Swadhishthana

Solar plexus/Naval –  Manipura

Heart Chakra-            Anahata

Throat Chakra-          Vishuddha

                                           Third Eye Chakra-     Ajna or Guru

                                      Crown Chakra-          Sahasrara

How color influences you

We are surrounded by colors, however, how regularly do we take time to see the various shades in nature?

Basically, shading can confer both information – as in aura color, and vitality – as in healing. The Aura is the otherworldly energy field encompassing living creatures. This is “noticeable” to the mystically evolved being.

We are distinctly different individuals. So, hues may hold distinctive implications for us than for other people, similarly as a bit of music moves diverse emotions in various individuals.

Use colors to advance those characteristics you wish to accentuate. Use them in your surroundings for characteristics you wish to stress for all time. Wear garments of suitable shades to advance those characteristics in a specific circumstance.

Human Aura

Aura color with significance

What is Aura: Usually defined as “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place”. According to Spiritualism it is an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.

Another important term is “Auric Feild” what is it?

Scientist James Oschman-author of “Energy Medicine” Auric field is the bio magnetic field that surrounds the body.

Usually, we represent the auric fields with some colors. To be specific with 7 colors of the rainbow.

The theory of the rays originated in Vedic literature, where they are linked with the seven rishis (Sapta Rishis), advanced masters who acted as agents of the unlimited.

Each ray has a distinct color, symbol, chakra entry and exit point, occult energy, and symbol specific to its role. Radionic therapists often use the Seven Rays to augment their diagnosis and treatment of patients following a spiritual path.

Color Significance in Aura

Red: Red symbolizes vitality, energy, quality, fearlessness, physical action, imagination, warmth, and security. Some people connect red with hostility.  In the Aura red means realism, materialistic aspiration, attention on arousing delights and a brisk temper.

Orange: Orange symbolizes the person’s relationship to the outside world, the requirements, and needs of the physical body and the manners by which these are fulfilled, the universe of work. In healing, orange may expand resistance and sexual vitality. In the aura, orange means keenness and imagination.

Yellow: Yellow symbolizes astuteness, imagination, joy and the intensity of influence. Alternately connected with weakness.  In the aura yellow means scholarly improvement, for either material or profound finishes.

Green: Green symbolizes cash, good fortune, success, imperativeness, and ripeness. Sometimes connected with jealousy. Green is the shade of mending. In the aura, green denotes purity, harmony and regularly demonstrates capacity as a healer.

Blue: Blue is the shade of otherworldliness, instinct, motivation and internal harmony. In quality, hue demonstrates quietness, satisfaction, and profound improvement.

Indigo: Indigo is related to mystic capacity. In recuperating, utilize indigo for unwinding, consolation and advancing psychism. In the quality, indigo means a searcher, regularly of profound truth.

Purple: Purple is related to power, both natural and profound. In healing, purple is for mental scatters and furthermore to wind up one with Spirit. In the aura, purple means higher otherworldly improvement.

White: White is related to truth, virtue, purging, mending and insurance.  as per aura, it means an abnormal state of fulfillment, a larger amount of soul manifest to help other people.

Relation between 7 layers of Aura and Chakras
Name of Aura Layers and its relation to Chakras

Since we are referring to the Rainbow which obviously consists of 7 colors. Similarly, the Aura levels are also into 7 layers. Each layer has a distinct name and is connected to a particular Chakra. Let us See the relation between chakra aura and color.

  • Layer 1: Etheric- connected to Root Chakra

Closest to the physical body. This is bluish grey in color and represents bones, tissues, muscles, etc.

  • Layer 2: Emotional- related to Solar Plexus

This is the second layer. It can have all the colors of the rainbow.  Since it represents emotions and feelings the colors can become muddy under emotional stress.

  • Layer 3: Mental- connected to Sacral Chakra

Bright yellow in color and third from the physical body. Usually associated with thoughts-state of mind. This is very strong in creative persons

  • Layer 4: Astral- related to Heart Chakra

This is fourth from the physical body. Pink or rosy in color and connected to the heart chakra. Represents our astral chords with others.

  • Layer 5: Etheric Template- related to Throat Chakra

This is fifth from the physical body. the color can vary.

  • Layer6: Celestial- connected with Third Eye Chakra

Sixth from the physical body, pearly white in color. Connected to the Third eye chakra having powerful vibrations. It also represents the connection to the Divine.

  • Layer 7: Ketheric Template- related to Crown Chakra

This is far from the body (2-3 ft away), vibrates at the highest frequency. This gives a feeling of oneness with the cosmic world. It is Golden in color. Believed to have information about the past lives and the soul.

Some more colors related to aura

Gold: Gold relates to good fortune. It has the most amazing healing capacity. Since they are  different that many are not ready to accept it at first. People use it in combination with other colors. In the aura, it speaks to administration to other people.

Pink: Pink speaks to unconditional love, love without expectations or selflessness. Denotes companionship. In the aura, it means a balance between the otherworldly and the material.

Brown: Brown is the shade of the earth and relates to common sense, material achievement, fixation, and study. In the Aura, it designates “humility” and presence of mind.

Black: Black is the absence of shading. It symbolizes unconsciousness and secret. Its representation can help depth in meditation. A person often tends to use black as a sign of evil. In the Aura, it means some sort of blockage or something being covered up.

Note: Chakras Aura and color are a vast domain. Yes, there are therapies for healing the chakras, etc. That too again is a vast domain.

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