Telework and Work from Home-New Way of Living

Telework and Work from Home-New Way of Living

Work From Home
Written by Anima Sur

Do you dream of a job that you could do from the couch of your home and, at best, completely on your own schedule? In the age of the Internet, there are more and more such jobs. For many companies, it is cheaper to hire teleworkers to work on their own premises than to maintain expensive office space, so the increase in teleworking opportunities is no wonder.

Work at home can be found in many different fields. Some jobs require long training and experience, but some can be learned through doing. In this article, we have listed a variety of telecommuting opportunities as well as ways you can find the work from home that works best for you.

Work From Home

How is telework different from regular work?

Officially, telework is defined as all work done outside a fixed place of work, such as an office. Telework can be from home, from a remote point of work, or from a motorhome.

Most often, telework refers to online work such as office work, but in principle, the definition of telework is also met in many mobile professions such as sales or maintenance. However, in this article, we will focus on teleworking over the Internet.

The pros and cons of telecommuting

The best aspects of teleworking at home are freedom and flexibility. The teleworker does not usually have to be reachable at any time of the day, ie the work can be rhythmized as desired. For example, many evening people suffer from early morning awakenings, and their creativity may not be at its peak until the ordinary office mole packs a bag to go home. Working from home is also much more efficient for many. Especially working in an open office is a poison to concentration, and the idea is constantly interrupted by the hustle and bustle of the surrounding people and the conversation of colleagues leaning on the screen. The teleworker does not have to be in the form of representation in the mornings, but work can be done even in pajamas. Business trips don’t split the day too much either. In many cases, it is also possible to work remotely from abroad. However, for everyone, working from home is not a shortcut to happiness. If you’re not good at motivating yourself, getting a job can sometimes be a pain. A hypocritical performer, on the other hand, may be at risk of stretching working time to the leisure side, in which case both his or her own and the family’s endurance may be at stake. Some people also begin to need the support of a work community or supervisor at some point. If you need to agree on teleworking for yourself, you can test it, for example, with the Occupational Health Institute’s Workstation test.

What are the rights of a teleworker?

When working remotely, you should keep in mind that you are not covered by insurance coverage as much as when you work in a physical workplace. For example, if you burn your hands while brewing your afternoon coffee during a break from computer work, your employer’s insurance will not cover the damage. It would be different if you worked in an office – in teleworking when only compensation for the damage that occurred during the work itself. It is therefore worthwhile for a teleworker to find out the coverage of their own insurance in a good time. The teleworker is, of course, enjoy the same compensation as a colleague sitting in the office. Often, however, the situation is most straightforward in areas where work can be clearly measured. In other cases, for example, overtime can easily be overlooked in teleworking.

Why would someone hire a teleworker?

Working remotely is not only beneficial for an employee who wants to work from home. The employer also benefits from teleworking in many ways – and for this reason, more and more Finnish employers have started to have a positive attitude towards work at home. An employee who wants freedom and flexibility can appreciate an employer who enables teleworking, which increases work motivation. Thus, a person throwing telecommuting at home may be much more lucrative for the company than his or her colleague playing online passion in the office. Naturally, a company that works remotely also saves money on renting office space and buying furniture.

Could you do your current job remotely?

If you have a dream picture of working from home in your mind, you don’t always have to take a final account of it. Even if no one is working remotely in your workplace, times may be changing. Sure, the situation is clear for a paper machine worker or surgeon, but surprisingly many other jobs also tend to be done at home. It is therefore worth raising the issue boldly, with well-prepared arguments. If your employer does not agree to full-time teleworking, you may still be able to move work home, for example, a few days a month or even every Friday. Doing part-time telecommuting is a great way to try this form of work in practice to see if it’s ultimately right for you. Sometimes it is easiest to get telecommuting from an employer who already knows you as an employee and a person. Many companies are reluctant to hire a teleworker precisely because of a lack of trust.

Options for work from home

You can do a lot of different jobs remotely. The checklist below the sludge professions that are easily available from home. Some of those who do these jobs are on the payroll of some companies, some work as entrepreneurs. work from home

Customer service job

Customer service is a very common telecommuting. Many companies have outsourced their customer service to companies that recruit people to work from home. Work is possible in many different areas – for example, you may be able to handle hotel reservations or provide technical guidance on setting up a printer. Customer service representatives are usually familiar with the topic with a short specific training before starting work. Communication with customers takes place either by phone or chat. Whatever the means of communication, it is important for the employee to have a long surface and good communication skills.

Graphic design and website creation

Graphic designers, as well as visual artists, often work independently. If you’re illustrating books or websites, making logos, or creating website layouts, for example, home is a natural place to work. The broader your skills, the more job opportunities are available to you. Many traditional art-trained visual artists have expanded their repertoire into the digital world, and there will be no shortage of well-paid commissions with these talented multi-talents. Check this article: How to effectively build a working day on remote work with family and children at home

Programming and other IT work

If you have IT training and know-how to code good luck. These jobs usually earn the best salaries in the telecommuting industry. Programming work is typically a bit secluded in nature, so typing code is great for work at home. Involving other coders in the project, the necessary communication can run smoothly via the network. Work From Home

Accounting and bookkeeping

Many accountants work from home. Nowadays, the work of an accountant is becoming even more place-independent, as receipt rolls and form fillings can today be done mainly online. Accounting work is therefore well-fitting for teleworking, whether you work for one or more different companies.

Writing and content production

Writing is one of the best jobs for telecommuting. Only a few writers are actually able to even work in the office, as the work requires strict concentration and a disturbance-free environment. In the online age, there is also more writing available. Of course, the work of a writer or journalist is not quite everyone’s business, but there are plenty of content production jobs online for more amateur writers as well. You can also develop your own writing skills yourself – try setting up a blog. You can also try the website Paid for Articles. Easy and Free to sign up and publish your content. Check Here


Language translation

In addition to writing, language translation is also a very common occupation at home. Many translators work as freelancers, but there are also full-time monthly jobs in the industry. The translator’s requirement is for many different language pairs. Understandably, Finnish is a rare language in the world, so if you know a language other than Finnish (the rarer, the better!) And master spelling, you have a good chance of finding a wide range of work at home. For example, you can find remote jobs at these sites:
Only the imagination is the limit to work from home

As we mentioned at the beginning, the tips in this article dealt mostly with computer work. However, in addition to these examples, you can do almost any other job at home. In fact, work has not moved from home to “jobs” until a couple of centuries ago.

For example, if you’re a master baker, why not make a deal with local cafes and start baking fresh buns and buns for them every day? Many masseurs and therapists also work from home. Do the needle and thread stay on your fingers or in the sewing machine? Start making custom-made clothes or pimping and repairing used clothes.

Many find a way to work from home through a hobby. If your dream is to do the work that interests you from home, you should take an inch right away.

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