The Amazing Ways to Lead a Healthy Life-General & Spiritual in Under 10 Minutes
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The Amazing Ways to Lead a Healthy Life-General & Spiritual in Under 10 Minutes

Ways to lead a healthy Life
Written by Anima Sur

Every human wants to be healthy and happy. If the body and mind is not in good condition – you can’t enjoy life? Because – a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. can do this by focusing on a healthy lifestyle in various ways. And eating right is great for your body. Balanced living(relationship, work, personal wellbeing) means protecting your mental and emotional health too. And stress & strain reduction needs to be at the top of your to-do list.

Methods to reduce stress -Steps towards healthy life

Let us see what are the various ways to keep the body blood pressure normal. If we are able to check our stress level minimum we are able to combat the main culprit the Blood pressure level.

The first method worth adapting is mantra Sadhana. The strong and powerful vibrations of the mantras have a profound effect on the entire body. And the mind too also becomes calm and still. You benefit not only physically but also spiritually. then why deny yourself this advantage?

Importance of Mantra

Mantras have a profound effect on the brain .they affect not only the biochemical within it but also have a direct effect on the endocrine system.

Magnetic therapy can cure diseases however magnetic energy is invisible and one cannot see the rays emanating from the magnet. Similarly, waves of the divine sound of Vedic mantras make your body healthy .this also purified the environment and one can get a whiff of fragrance in the air. Move-in word and listen to the divine sound resonating within enjoy the bliss. light a candle. if possible light lamp sometime. sit with family and listen to some pleasant music

The second method is the Yoga Asana. Asana is beneficial only when method is correct. You are fortunate – that here in India your opportunity to learn yoga is easy. It is taught in a manner that makes it a pleasant experience and not a burden. If you practice the Asana correctly and regularly, you soon you will become self-reliant with effulgent glow and a healthy body.

Other Steps to follow

Along with Pranayama, it is important to practice Shatkarmas as well. In which Neti and Varisara Dhauti are extremely beneficial. I will discuss them in detail in some other article. In brief, these are the two main techniques of Shatkarmas to eliminate the toxins built-up in your body. While Neti cleanses the nostril, sinuses, eyes, ears, and throat. Varisara Dhauti or intestinal wash detoxifies and cleanses the entire gastrointestinal tract. If you have constipation then it will certainly cause no less than 20 other diseases. That is definitely against a healthy life. So, it is vital for the digestive system to function properly. And these techniques help a great deal in maintaining the system in a normal state.

Yoga Nidra -A  Yogic Secret for a healthy life

Yoga Nidra for healthy life


Next is Yoga Nidra which gives us physical, mental, emotional and intellectual rest .If one practices Yoga Nidra besides Mantra Sadhana, Asana, Pranayama, and then you will be surprised to notice that even your constricted arteries will become normal . How? Well, this is the Miracle of Pranic energy. We kindle the Pranic energy which gives rise to the existence of our body. How is your body formed? From the time of conception, till the time of birth, all development takes place with the energy of Prana. Without pranic energy you can not have a body. Prana is not visible to the eye though but it runs your body and its functions

Blinking of the eyelids, hiccups, yawning , stretching burping all are happening through this pranic energy. Digestion of eaten food, the beating of heart, blood circulation are also powered by Prana. Prana is the energy that formed this body brought it into existence, and now is running it too. with the combination of Pranayama, yoga Nidra, Mantra Sadhana, and shatkarmas we can awaken and increase the latent pranic energy in our body, which helps keep it healthy and disease-free.

The correct way of doing Mantra Sadhana for a healthy life

Now to do Mantra Sadhana, sit straight keeping the spine erect. gently close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. watch the gentle and natural flow of your breath as you exhale and inhale. slowly take deep breaths, keep the body still do not move, and keep the hands, feet and fingers still that is “Kaya Sthiram” Take a deep breath… deeper …deeper and deeper. increase the duration and depth of your breath keeping in mind that your breathing should not be audible.

When you ask to breathe deeply you do deepen your breath but it inverse and effort which gives rise to a sound should not be so there should be no sound live peacefully and poetry .your breathing should be deep and long, but quiet and peaceful observe the entered password of the breadth carefully as it comes in and goes out stop on inhalation from mother chest and stomach expands slightly former be aware of energy every little activity concentrate on all that happens in the body when you breathe .

OM Chanting Meditation -Very powerful Mantra

OM for healthy life

OM is not a fictitious imaginative word creation of the Rishis. It is a sound that has not been created by anyone. it is a primordial sound that pervades every atom in the space. Bible and Gurbani real witness to the fact that God is the creator of the world.

Take a deep breath, and now while examining, chant Om .A-U-M the Confluence of these three gives rise to Om .coincidentally your brain also has three glands- hypothalamus-pituitary and pineal. begin with the loud recitation of OM and slowly lower the volume till you are silent .then proceed to the mental recitation of OM you are not ready to advance to the final stage- that is Gunjan of OM (the Humming of OM).

At the time of Gunjan, shut your ears with the index fingers or form yoga, Mudra. This is profoundly beneficial. When you are humming Om mantra, your focus and attention area is on your head and forehead. This activates the dormant neurons, as the vibrations of the sounds of the mantra reach the smallest neurons in the brain. If your master computer that is brain is fine, your entire body is healthy and in synchronization.

Mantra Sadhana practiced in this manner is God’s worship as well as a means to a healthy body. Therefore, whenever you are doing the Gunjan of OM, realize that you are purifying your body. Our body embodies the Lords’ temple. Just as the temple is made of bricks and mortar requires cleaning with the broom. This body temple requires cleaning and energizing by the vibrations of Om. It will add luster to your lusterless face and makes it glow with radiance.

A positive attitude is essential for good health.

Be positive for healthy life

When you are careless and neglect your body, you fall ill. Now to avoid the disease from happening again, change your lifestyle and more importantly change your mindset.  Your mindset defines your body. It is important to understand that what you think sooner or later becomes a reality. What you imagine, will manifest. And this power is latent within all of us but we are unaware of it. And don’t know how to utilize it. Instead, we worry about an unknown future; worry about sickness, become apprehensive about the recurrence of heart attack, and even death. In case we get to hear about someone of our age or younger time, we become even more fearful. As a result of these fears, we become more depressed, and now this depression doesn’t allow us to live a healthy life.

Enjoy Present Moment

Just as you bathe every day to keep your body clean and you eat daily to keep your body healthy, similarly Yoga Nidra is a must for the replenishment of the mind.  The impurities of the mind wash away. The mind keeps weaving a web of thought and we keep sinking in a self-created quagmire. Isn’t this strange?. The future is unknown yet, but worrying about an uncertain future, we ruin our present. The world is so beautiful -the birds chirping, butterflies are floating, beautiful clouds in the sky , beautiful children passing by laughing and smiling, but we are totally unaware of all this. Why? Because we are so caught up in our own worries- that we are completely disconnected from nature and its present moment.

We are so entangled in baseless worries that we distance ourselves from the beauty of the present. And then we wonder how to be happy?  if we keep on spinning the web of tension around us then we want that God himself to appear before you noticed. Stop worrying about that, instead of worry about how to come out of the ignorance of unconscious thinking, for until we do so we will not even see the world that is in front of us.

Stay calm in emergency-essential for a healthy life

calm for healthy life

Whenever we are in a situation of great stress or nervousness, immediately start taking deep breathe . Close the mouth and breathe through the nose. Keep inhaling till the lungs are full of air and the chest expands. Then exhale deeply. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. The situation may remain unchanged but we will not be agitated anymore. We will be relieved from the state of tension we had put our self in. Only if we are stress-free and calm , we can face the situation with a clear head and find an intelligent solution. Our nervousness makes us prone to mistakes and misses even an obvious situation.


If your pranic energy is low, you will never have a healthy life. Acupressure and Acupuncture act on the pranic body. By working on the physical body. Low levels of pranic energy mean there is a blockage . from wherein the flow of the energy in the Meridian also known as the Subtle channel or nerves which causes disease.

Once you have internalized your senses then you create a barrier of Om Nada. the sound of” M “and “h” benefit the Vishuddha chakra- throat Chakra and Anahata Chakra – heart Chakra. Chanting of Om affects the Ajna chakra. “Ram “Mantra benefits the Manipur Chakra -solar plexus.

To be healthy and blissful-is your choice. You require to invest some time for yourself to achieve a healthy life. I hope, these tips for a healthy life helps you.




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