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The Importance of Fabrics in Lifestyle And Fashion Explore Fabcurate

Fabrics in Lifestyle
Written by Anima Sur

The beauty and uniqueness of the garment do not only disregard the lines and seams that shape it. But are also characteristics that closely have an association with the quality of the fabrics and fabrics used.

The Indian textile sector, today, offers fine fabrics of excellent quality used by the great designers of high fashion, refined fabrics, and processes, fabrics characterized by particular textures made with cutting-edge technologies.

Let us Know A Bit About Fabrics in Lifestyle

Each fabric has its own characteristics. It is very important to know the product well. This is to perform optimal processing and to obtain an impeccable final result.

It is already in this phase of choosing the fabric that each item of clothing begins to come to life and it is for this reason that many stylists and tailors looking for the perfect fabric for their models turn to the best Indian companies in the sector.

Precious fabrics of renowned brands, chevron weaves, bouclé, Sangallo lace, embroidered tulle, macramé, and brocades to create refined textures and motifs in step with trends. These are just some of the products present in the current collections.

What are the fabrics most used by stylists?

The deep knowledge of yarns, fabrics, processes, and tools, and tailoring techniques distinguishes every fashion designer.

There are many fabrics common to all: linen, satin, silk, cashmere, cotton, tulle, lace, etc. .. but which are the ones that are never lacking in the collections proposed, from year to year, by the big fashion brands?

Let’s make a list of the most present Fabrics in Lifestyle

Brocade: Jacquard loom woven fabric that presents embossed patterns on the right side also with contrasting threads from the bottom, both in color and in composition or title; on the reverse all the threads used are visible.

Cashmere: obtained from the processing of the hair of the Tibetan goat; the natural colors are white and ecru and it is free from the pilling phenomenon.

Denim: Usually, jeans fabric is a canvas of cotton and linen, generally blue in color. It is the historical fabric with which jeans-cut trousers are in preparation

Faux leather: fabric with reduced environmental impact as it mainly uses cotton, viscose, or synthetic fibers such as acrylic.

Jacquard: fabric whose weave is different and cannot be with simple “heddles”. but requires a particular loom machine capable of managing a very high number of threads to be able to exchange many different colors in the same fabric.

Some More Popular Fabrics in Lifestyle


The designer fabric of different textures which, according to the structure. The classifications are:

  • Mesh lace : composed of a layer of mesh or tulle interrupted by decorative satin motifs.
  • Macramé or embroidery lace : very heavy with full motifs connected together with bars of threads and large ribs.
  • Sangallo lace : cotton canvas embellished with designs with openwork embroidery and full relief embroidery.
  • Raschel or mechanical lace: ordinary lace made in chain link with a tulle or net base, imitating handmade lace but are coarser than net lace.
  • Bobbin lace : obtained by weaving from 4 to 400 threads wound on spindles (wooden spools) and according to a design formed by pins strung on a pillow.


obtained following the processing of silkworm cocoons. Its luster and its ability to act as a heat barrier are important characteristics. It gets dirty and stained easily, even with just water, and dry cleaning is preferable. It fears rust and moths. Also, over time tends to cut itself. The reason why it is also used in blends with other fabrics.

Satin: Most fabrics featuring satin (or satin) have a soft, shiny finish. Visible everywhere from evening bags to upholstery.


: one of the most popular fabrics, its main feature is to present on the obverse a shaved and very dense hair (in this case we speak of plain, smooth, or cut velvet) or a series of small rings of thread that protrude from the weft (curly velvet).

Plissé: fabric treated to take on a regular pleated appearance. It is covered with resin in the points required by the design and treated with caustic soda that wrinkling the free areas of the fabric leaves the resin areas unchanged. In the case of thermoplastic fibers, it is sufficient to intervene with heat.

Latest Trends in Fashion with Fabrics in lifestyle

Among the recent trends in interior decoration, there is a ‘revival’ that comes to sweep away everything else: velvet. And it doesn’t seem like a fad, it’s here to stay. There is no more radical way to give a sophisticated touch to the environment.

We will see it with very new, bolder, and more contemporary designs than we are used to. We will see another important novelty in the textile sector in the prints: flowers. This year the fabrics will be full of them, but so will the walls and ceilings!

Images from

Everything filled with flowers, fabrics and decorative papers.

The good thing is that this year it is possible to use many styles of more classic floral prints, as well as the more modern and abstract ones. And be careful, because the images begin to appear.

We will see them everywhere: in upholstery, in accessories, on curtains and walls. It seems like another strong trend that comes out shyly this year, but that we will certainly see confirmed for the next seasons.

Review about Fabcurate-Fabrics in Lifestyle

Fabcurate was brought into the world with a sole reason for curating the best textures for individuals who don’t consider their textures as simply one more “stash”. We view textures as assortments, to be utilized, respected, and to be dealt with like any significant thing.

Their craftsmen are completely prepared and engaged to make creates like – Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie and Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, and so forth which mirror that regal Indian culture in their making. They draw their motivation from the legacy ways of life that have been administered to them previously.

With Fabcurate close by, you can at long last offer life to your fantasy closet as we give you the decision to get your #1 plan imprinted on your preferred texture. You can get your custom texture printed with your own plan to make something absolutely extraordinary. Having an immense product line for Men, Women, Kids, and decorations.

EASY Refund & Return/ Exchange Policy

FABCURATE.COM tries to guarantee that our client is totally glad and we attempt to give the best to you. To convey you the right and right item, our group of specialists does a thorough check as far as the texture’s flawless quality, its tone, its amount according to the request number, and code before it’s prepared for dispatch. On the off chance that you are not happy with the nature of the item or administration, we permit the arrival of any item. Details on the Website.

Customer Satisfaction

Best quality at a reasonable price. Good Quality fabric and correct quantity with variations in the shade of color and patterns

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Do check out the website, buy, explore your creativity and share your experience.

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