The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Our Furry Friends or Child

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Our Furry Friends or Child

Pet care

Humans have kept much-loved animals close at hand for thousands of years. Many of our ancestors clearly expected to continue interacting with animals in the afterlife – think of the Ancient Egyptians, who mummified cat-deities alongside their Pharaohs, or the young warrior buried with his horse at Sutton Hoo.
But having close, emotional relationships with non-working animals is a relatively new idea. While domestic animals have been valued throughout history and often lived in close nearness to humans, they weren’t regarded as furry associates to the same extent they are at present.

Our pets are our relations. The love, care, and attention we give our furry friends/children are returned many times over. Read pet care tips and articles offer helpful information about caring for the much-loved, furry, humorous, willful, loyal and loving petite souls who share our life.

pet care

Dogs & Cats are master manipulators… those persuasive eyes or cutely raised hand can quickly persuade pet owners to give their pets a “little treat”. Sadly, those little treats begin to add up – and excessive calories can lead to plump dogs/cats. Obesity in dogs/cats isn’t about external appearance. The extra weight can escort to serious health issues as well as restrict dogs/cats from enjoying life to the fullest.

Troubles Pets Can Face With fatness

There’s a myth that spaying or neutering your furry friend makes it fat. This is just a plea. There are many spayed and neutered pets who are in good body condition. The solution is providing your pet with sufficient exercise and the proper number of calories.

Why bother to go through the hassle of keeping your dog in sleek shape? What’s incorrect with a few extra pounds? away from missing out on the fun of an active dog/cat life (rolling in the grass, romping through the woods, frolicking with other canine friends, etc), obesity can invite:

  • Joint problems – the extra heaviness puts more claim on joints that weren’t meant to hold it.
  • additional stress on the heart and on lungs, which need to work harder.
  • inhalation problems.
  • Greater vulnerability to injuries.
  • temperature intolerance.
  • Increased health risks such as canine diabetes.

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Pet Care

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Sometimes a pet’s weight issues may, in fact, be due to medicinal reasons. In these cases, your veterinarian will be able to recommend you best on how to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Much more often, though, or else healthy dogs are flabby due to uncontrollable calorie intake and/or not getting enough workout.

Protecting the pets from Fleas, Tick, etc.
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