Weight Loss with Help of REIKI Therapy-Interesting Facts
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Weight Loss with Help of REIKI Therapy-Interesting Facts

Weight loss with Reiki Therapy
Written by Anima Sur

When it comes to anything related to weight – the majority of us get frustrated. The normal thought is to control our eating habits, cutting off the junk stuff/ sweets and huge routine for exercises. But we have to figure out the root cause of this weight gain and address it accordingly. There are usually various ways to combat this issue. Here am trying to focus on reiki therapy for weight loss. This is also used for self-healing.

Now if you have decided to use Reiki Therapy for weight loss there are certain steps you require to follow. Well this will help as you proceed towards your goal

How Reiki is useful in Weight Loss

Balance & Reiki Therapy

  1. Reiki improves equilibrium and health.

Reiki being an energy healing therapy acts on both physical and mental level of an individual. Persons undergoing sessions gets a sense of stability on both physical and emotional levels. This stable condition helps them to stick to their weight loss plans. The negative emotional blocks are also reduced to a great extent.

Stress Reduction

  1. Reduction of stress.

the reduction of stress is a vital factor of reiki energy. Stress is a common problem in this fast-paced society. Stress causes secretion of cortisol levels which is a prime factor to weight gain. If Stress is reduced then the toxicity will be controlled which in turn helps with weight management.

  1. Improvement in sleep patterns with Reiki

Persons trying to lose weight have a disrupted sleep pattern. It is also a reason for hormonal imbalance, which along with stress increases weight. Reiki by promoting balance causes relaxation which induces good sleep. By regulating the sleep pattern appetite and hormonal balance is restored aiding in weight loss

Mindset and Attitude towards REIKI

Reiki energy is to balance the mind, the Body and the soul. To have this energy work for you, it is of utmost importance that you have an open mindset

1st Step

Take a piece of paper and write your name, along with an expression that signifies your pledge to weight loss. “Reduce Weight” or “Body conture” are two phrases that might help you

2nd Step

In case you are a practitioner, instill reiki energy into this paper; otherwise, seek help from your reiki practitioner to send Reiki healing energy into the paper whenever you have a session.

3rd Step

Throughout the day, the paper should be with you. Prior to each meal or snack, hold the paper in your hand for a moment or two. The healing energy will remind you as well as help support your intentions.

Cleansing of Emotional Blocks with REIKI for Weightloss

The emotional obstructions can be easily cleared with the help of Reiki Energy. We humans being social creatures interact with various people and in this process pick up the negative energy which is also responsible for the illness. Steps for cleansing are

Reiki & Chakra cleansing

1st Step

The solar plexus chakra, located at the base of your sternum, is required to be energized with the reiki energy. Alternatively, ask your practitioner to focus on this area the next time you go for the session. If you are captivating on depressing energy from others, this is the chakra that is most prone to become blocked.

2nd Step

Feel any pressure positioned in your upper tummy as you accept reiki.

3rd Step

Create in your mind the tension. Connect a color and a form to it in your mind’s eye. Ask the tension for any information or teaching it needs to convey before you let go it.

4th Step

Discharge the tension into the world for transformation and healing.

Empower the Solar Plexus Chakra with Use of Color Visualization-REIKI Cleansing & Weightloss

1st Step

Sit comfortably with your spine erect. Rest your hands on your knees, palms up. Close your eyes.

2nd Step

Breathe in and out deeply and slowly. Visualize and feel your body through your mind’s eye. Envisage and feel a warm, bright yellow light coming up from the earth, filling your feet, legs, belly, chest, throat and head. the solar plexus chakra’s color is Yellow, which governs willpower and the ability to feel.

3rd Step

Continue the feeling of this light shining brilliantly out through the core of your upper abdomen. Hold this element of the visualization for as long as possible and at ease.

4th Step

Imagine and sense the yellow light draining down from your head, chest, belly, legs and feet, and back into the earth, taking away with it any negative, stale or dark energies and emotions.

5th Step

Finally, Imagine and feel a spotless white light filling your body from the ground up. When it reaches the top of your head, visualize the light shining out through your skin, illuminating all around you. Breathe slowly and deeply, holding the white light in your mind’s eye for as long as possible.


Always be kind to yourself as you follow your healthy weight loss goals. Work out along with a balanced meal plan that emphasizes fresh, local ingredients will improve your well-being and help you reach a healthy weight gradually.


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