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What is Yogic Wellness Secrets “Holistic Health” and Its Signification Today

Holistic health wellness secrets
Written by Anima Sur

Life is a constant challenge of removing the hurdles that stand in the path of our journey for creating a better personal life, a successful career, securing desired materials, maintaining one’s optimum health and even dealing with death. This eternal battle should not be cause for despair as  it is only  through successfully overcoming challenges in life that you mature

Our social systems teach us to adapt and survive in the outside world. Our educational system imparts us the technical and social skills we need to obtain materialistic things in life. As adults we are propelled into a society where maintaining the status quo is of utmost importance rather than promoting inner spiritual growth.

From childhood, we rarely get training in inner –development of mind, independent thinking, self-esteem or awakening of our consciousness.

Developed in this way one achieves the social status but t the cost of health the majority of times.  For overall wellbeing, I feel it is necessary to follow the path of the Yogis. A path each must travel in their own time if they intend to reach their ultimate personal evolvement.

How Yogic Wellness Secrets-Holistic Health actually helps

Yogic Wellness Secrets basically emphasizes the Holistic health of an individual. It is a way to deal with life. Instead of focussing on illness or a certain part of the body this method of the yogis consider the entire person and their interaction with the environment.

Holistic health is based on the theory that optimal health is not upon just the absence of disease, but how life balances of the “whole” person. The mind, body, spirit, and emotions are inseparable from the gross body. In holistic health, ancient yogis had the belief that the body consists of an energy system that is the vital support and life for the physical body.

I also feel, individuals also have a responsibility for their health. They have to be an attentive participant in their approaches towards day-to-day wellness to keep the body in balance. There are mainly five attributes to individual wellness. These are physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. It is needless to say you can not exclude anyone if you want to establish as an evolved being. you

As the yogic wellness mantra life rests on three pillars diet, sleep, and self-mastery. In various articles, I will try to give a glimpse of various things influencing wellness. The articles on food, spices, herbs, yoga, colors will show the effect exerted on the overall wellness of an individual.

Other Benefits:

Our sages gifted mankind with a holistic system of healing called Ayurveda. This is based on Yogic Science. This has not only stood the test of time but the knowledge has spread to all parts of the world.  Today, globally people are benefiting from its priceless wisdom.

By Yogic Wellness Mantra or it’s derivative “Ayurveda” we understand the true meaning of health, ways of achieving it and maintaining it. It also helps us with a clear guideline with respect to disease prevention. Through proper understanding of our own body, our innate constitutions and fine-tuning it with nature we are able to keep a healthy body. This also focuses on adapting our diet and lifestyle in accordance with the seasonal variations, it is possible to ward off many ailments and keep this precious gift of nature (human body) healthy.

A healthy, strong, energetic body is needed not only to achieve materialistically desires. It is a basic requirement for scaling spiritual heights and uplifting our consciousness to the highest level. Yogic Science & Ayurveda is thus a boon and every human being should get the benefit of this invaluable wisdom.

In the context of the Site:

Here explaining an elementary guide for the common people. Only the simple techniques are explained here and which anyone can apply in their daily lives and maintain good health. I have been using these simple techniques for a long time. The Pranayama techniques, yoga asanas, simple recipes (food, beverages) have been taught under guidance.  By following the simple rules of the worlds oldest fully comprehensive medical system -Ayurveda, we can take the right step towards a happy healthy body and mind. “Ayur” means life and “Veda” is Knowledge. Ayurveda is all about the knowledge of having a healthy life span. Our sages have said that human life is not meant for sensory pursuit, but rather it is intended as an opportunity to achieve greater heights, to evolve and attain the highest possible state of consciousness.

On Ayurveda as Holistic Science

Generally speaking, happiness is what most of us seek, and desires sensory enjoyment. Our wise sages knew the futility of such pointless pursuits and pointed out the main objectives of human life. But it goes without saying that in order to accomplish the worldly desires, we not only need a long life but a very healthy one too. There is no room for any doubt regarding the authenticity and credibility of Ayurveda. Moreover, although the text was compiled 5000 years ago, please remember that this science was known to our sages tens of thousands of years ago. Such was the enormity of their intellectual prowess that there was no need to write the edicts down.

The sages would verbally pass on the knowledge to their disciples, who would retain it in their focused, integrated mind. But with time, as these mental faculties started diminishing in the descendent students, it became essential to document the principles for posterity. As far as the origin of this science is concerned, Ayurveda is regarded as an integral part of Atharva Veda.

A robust body and a healthy mind alone are capable of any attainment, be it material or spiritual. Health enables evolution whereas disease impedes it. Hence, prevention and alleviation of disease is the prime objective of Ayurveda- Holistic Science.

Note of caution:

Our health lies in our hands. You require to evaluate your Prakriti, dosha derangement by a proficient practitioner or a skilled vaidya. (An Ayurveda Expert). After a meticulous assessment, he or she can only chalk out the best treatment plan for you.


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Anima Sur

A health Blogger. "Take care of the whole, and the part will take care of itself". This is the essence of Yogic Wellness- keeping the whole being healthy.