What Are Natural Home Remedies for Various Aches and Pains in the body ?
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What Are Natural Home Remedies for Various Aches and Pains in the body ?

Aches & Pains
Written by Anima Sur

In life, we often suffer from various aches and pains in the body. We all know how irritating and uncomfortable the situation becomes. We all to have a tendency to pop up a pill and ease the discomfort. The aches and pains can be due to various reasons like stress, anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, indigestion, migraine, arthritis, common cold and so on. We do consider the prescribed medicine from the counter, but those chemical loaded synthetic substances can cause an adverse effect on the long run. Instead one can opt for natural remedies given to us by nature. These natural remedies are used over thousands of years in various ways in various cultures of civilizations. In this article will try to give a glimpse of natural remedy for headaches, stomach pain, muscle pain, tooth pain with the use of spices from the kitchen.

Secrets of Some Spices Used as Medicine

In Indian culture, there have always been uses of the spices to cure common ailments. These traditional ways of treating minor ailments are passed down through generations and are very effective. We do apply the techniques used by our ancestors in a case like having a severe toothache at midnight. A baby constantly crying due to abdominal pain. Natural home remedy for menstrual cycle cramp, for aches and pains in the body due to sprain.


ASAFETIDA for aches and pains in the body:

Children of age 1 to 5 years: Roast some asafoetida in cow ghee, massage this gently on the child’s stomach. It will help to reduce the pain in the abdomen due to gas. Simply by a massage with this asafoetida ghee- they will be better in no time.

Menstrual pain: Roast a very small amount of asafoetida in cow ghee and taking this with lukewarm water internally or massaging this mixture gently over the abdomen will help to reduce the menstrual pain.

Bay Leaf


The oil collected from bay leaves has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil can ease the pain resulting from strain sprains arthritis rheumatism as well as General pain and Aches. The powders of these leaves are made into a paste by mixing it with water and applied on the affected part to relieve the pain.

Black Cumin

BLACK CUMIN to Cure Aches and Pains in Body

Reduces swelling make a paste of this black cumin powder with water and apply it on the affected area to reduce swelling.

Black Pepper


Reduces toothache: the berries are decocted and the solution is used as a mouthwash for toothache. the decoction can be prepared as follows: boil 5 whole black pepper pods 4 cloves 2-3 1-inch cinnamon stick in 2 cups of water for about 20 minutes. Boil till the water turns dark brown and reduces to half its quantity. cool down and strain it use this strained water as a mouthwash.

Anti-inflammatory -it is found that piperine significantly inhibited the production of 2 important Proinflammatory mediators. Piperine Showed a significant inhibition of the increase in edema and early acute changes in the inflammatory process. For this consumption necessary daily for a longer period in a dose of 250 mg to 500 mg

Green Cardamom


Headache: crush and grind the pods of Cardamom into a fine powder. keep one teaspoon of this cardamom powder in a cotton cloth and inhale repeatedly to relieve mild to moderate headache.



Cluster Headache: applying externally on the forehead area may reduce the cluster headache. Dilute the cayenne oil with olive oil, instill this in the nose can also help to reduce the headache. A study published in the syphilis Yeh found that it can be sent exercise sensory neurons by depleting the nerve terminals of substance associated with inflammatory process and pain.

Note instilling this oil inside nose requires expert guidance.

Bishop weed seeds


Abdominal pain and gaseous distension: Crush celery seeds, roast with cow Gate to make a paste. Apply this paste on the naval area in a clockwise motion to reduce pain and flatus. Take this powder internally with lukewarm water in the dose of 1 gram.


CLOVE for aches and pains in the body:

Doses: oil 3 drops, powder 125 mg -300 mg

Headache and the common cold: Mix powder of clove with lukewarm water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the forehead and nose. let it rest there for a few minutes till it gets dry .wash with lukewarm water afterward.

Reduces pain: external application of clove oil diluted with olive oil or sesame oil can reduce rheumatic pain Lumbago and Sciatica.

Toothache: Soak a cotton swab in clove oil, directly apply to the affected tooth to reduce its pain.  Common for toothache pain relief. Even the dentists use the clove oil as tooth and gum pain relief.

Reduces abdominal pain: eating hollow Sugar Cake (batasha) with two to three drops of clove oil will reduce the stomach flatus and indigestion.


CORIANDER: In combating aches and pains in the body

Doses:1-2 g

Headache arising due to hot climate: soak coriander powder and Amla powder in equal proportion in an earthen pot and leave it overnight. add some rock sugar to eat and drink this water to reduce headache due to hot climate



Dose: 500 mg-1 g

Reduces aches & pains and swelling: Mix Cumin seeds with water to make a paste and apply this externally as a poultice to reduce pain and swelling arising on breast and testes.



Dose: 2.5 g TO 5 g

Reduces menstrual pain: you can take 500 milligrams of fenugreek with lukewarm water 3 to 4 times a day now it helps to work the feminine processes smoothly and comfortably.

Body aches in old age: many times people suffer from body aches. Fenugreek seed powder is effective in relieving body ache in doses of 5 to 10 gram per day.



Dose: 1-2 g; juice 5-10 ml.

Muscle pain: Ginger appears to be effective at reducing the day to day progression of muscle pain. It is also helpful in exercise-induced muscle soreness. Consuming 2 grams of ginger powder per day for a few days significantly reduces muscle pain.

Joint pain: Ginger powder in the dose of one gram is effective at reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis. It is a very common health problem.

Reduces swelling: extract 10 ml juice of ginger and mix it with one gram of jaggery. Use this mixture daily to reduce swelling for edema.

Other Herbs Gifted by Nature:

Besides, these spices some well-known herbs those are very common in Indian household like Tulsi, Giloy, Triphala are also beneficial and very effective in treating various aches &pains in the body.

Another Important Information-Old remedy

Old Remedy

If you are really interested in finding a natural cure you have to resort back to mother nature. You require to know and understand the potential of plants particularly their medicinal values. Well if you feel curious to check out  here

Always Stay Healthy.

Some Easy Tips to Remove Aches and Pains

If you are tired then maybe do some light Asana, as they would be really relaxing. for example, you have walked a lot during the day and your legs are aching. and you think that on reaching home -you will ask your wife or son to massage your legs. but as you reach home and find that both have gone out for some personal work. Now, instead of cursing them for calling them useless just sit in Vajrasana .folding your knees and sitting with your hips on your Heels is the best method to relieve all your aches & pains from your legs.

To soothe your tired legs, sitting in a hot bathtub works very well, as water has a great therapeutic value. if you don’t have a bath tub get a large tub in which you can sit in, even if your head and feet lie outside. add a few drops of jasmine or sandalwood oil to it .if it is winter in the water should be warm and if it is summer than the water should be at room temperature. Quitely sit in the water. you will be so relaxed will that all your fatigue will just disappear. keep breathing deeply .and with the breadth either do Mantra chant any Vedic mantra on listening to some soothing music.

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