Why These Top 10 Paid Survey Sites Are A Great Side-Hustle

Why These Top 10 Paid Survey Sites Are A Great Side-Hustle

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Written by Anima Sur

You’ve probably ever come across online surveys asking you to share your opinion on a service you use, for example. But did you know that you can make money from such surveys? Paid surveys are an easy and quick way to earn a little extra cash or get gift cards to items of your choice.

These are easier than Content Writing Jobs. You may not get rich with the job, but by focusing on the right queries, you are guaranteed to get a reasonable reward for your effort – at least in the event that you would otherwise have spent time, for example, watching a boring TV show.

There are currently numerous sites on the Internet that offer fees for answering surveys. However, don’t waste your time on bad sites. If you want to start earning a small page earn by answering queries, focus only on the most profitable ones.

We have compiled on this page a comprehensive database of paid surveys and the best survey sites. Read our reviews and decide for yourself if you want to start earning a little extra just by telling your opinion about things.

What are the Surveys?

The goal of surveys is to gather the information that companies or organizations can use in their marketing. Surveys provide valuable information on the preferences of consumers in a specific target group. It is much cheaper to pay for a well-conducted survey than to repair a product or service only through trial and error.

The topics of the surveys range from the toothpaste tube package to political views. Respondents are not required to have any special expertise – it’s just opinions. However, research has always been targeted at a specific group of people. If there are no toddlers using diapers in your family, the company that makes the diapers is not interested in your views on their superiority or inferiority.

Paid survey

How can I make money with surveys?

Different surveys differ in many different ways. Don’t waste time on sites that pay a bad fee for the effort.

Most companies pay commissions in points that can be redeemed either in cash or as various items or gift cards. Some also have loyalty-type programs that bring extra rewards to the most diligent respondents.

If you aim to earn more than your pocket money, you may want to sign up for more than one site. This will maximize your chances of receiving invitations to paid surveys that are appropriate for your target audience.

Some Popular Top Paid Survey Companies

Below are listed some of the top Paid survey companies.

1. Kilpailu.fi

paid survey Kilpailu.fi is a Finnish website through which you can win various product awards and gift cards. The site is owned by the Finnish LeadSpark Oy. Participation in the competitions is done by answering the questionnaire. Based on your answers, the partner companies of the Kilpailu.fi website may contact you.
  • Rewards: Lottery prizes for products (eg mobile phones, coffee machine, IT) and gift cards (travel, fuel, groceries)
  • Amount of the fee per survey: Lottery winnings 15 – 1500 €
  • Survey duration: 3 – 10 min

Go to the Kilpailu.fi page here

2. Nielsen (paid survey )

paid survey The Nielsen Consumer Panel collects information on the purchasing behavior of Finnish consumers. The data is collected with a hand-held scanner that reads the barcode of each food purchased. Families of different sizes from all over Finland are accepted as members. Currently, data are collected from about 5,000 Finnish families. Nielsen pays commissions in points where you can redeem various items from Nielsen’s own store. Product awards can be, for example, Iittala’s glassware, Fiskars kitchen products, Marimekko’s textiles or electronics.
  • Rewards: A point program that can be used to redeem products
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 1 – 2 €
  • Survey duration: 5 – 10 min or depending on the number of purchases
Go to Nielsen here

3. Norstatpanel

Norstat connects 650,000 consumers in 12 European countries. Norstatpanel’s queries are answerable both on a computer and via a mobile application, and you can also take a break if you wish. You can become a member of Norstatpanel by invitation. Norstatpanel does not pay commissions in cash, but in Norstat coins. Coins can be applicable to redeem, for example, coffee cups in various coffee chains, gift cards, or movie tickets. Rewards can also be given to various charities. A specialty is the loyalty program, which rewards hard-working respondents with additional benefits. Lottery tickets are also available for each completed survey.
  • Rewards: As gift cards for various companies. The prizes can also be donated to charity or planted with trees.
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 1 – 7 €
  • Survey duration: 2 – 30 min
Go to Norstatpanel here

4. Finnish radar for paid survey

Suomitarka is Sanoma’s consumer panel. Depending on the profile, surveys are available in a few months, but you can also define the survey frequency in your own profile. Each survey call tells you the estimated length of the survey and the compensation for responding. The amount of the fees is 0.20 – 2 euros, depending on the length of the survey. It takes 3 to 20 minutes to answer the queries. The compensation can be redeemed in cash to a PayPal account, as a Supercard gift card, or alternatively, the amount can be donated directly to WWF. Suomitarar is only intended for Finns, so queries can only be from a Finnish IP address.
  • Fees: Cash to PayPal account, gift card, or donation to WWF
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 0.2 – 2 €
  • Survey duration: 3 – 20 min or depending on the number of purchases

Go to Suomitarka here

5. The world of opinions

Opinion World is an online research company operating in several different countries. The site is clear and it only takes a couple of minutes to join. Inquiries will be sent by email. In general, respondents are allowed to participate in about ten surveys per month, depending on the respondent profile. The world of opinions pays for surveys either in cash or as gift cards. You can also donate your compensation to charity if you wish. Cash fees redemption through PayPal. In addition to the fees, members can participate in raffles held four times a year. The world of opinions has received mainly good feedback from survey panelists, and it is currently one of the most popular survey sites for Finnish respondents.
  • Fees: In cash to a PayPal account or as gift cards e.g. App Store, iTunes, CDOn, WOW HD, and Zalando
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 1 – 5 €
  • Survey duration: 5 – 30 min
Go to the World of Opinions here

6. Kantar-paid survey site

paid survey Kantar TNS Oy’s parent company Kantar currently operates in more than 90 different countries. It previously operated under the name Gallup Finland, which is one of the oldest survey companies in Finland. Kantar conducts surveys both by e-mail and by telephone. You can only become a panelist by invitation.
  • Rewards: As points that can be redeemed as gift cards from various online stores.
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 1 – 10 €
  • Survey duration: 10 – 30 min
Go to Kantar here

7. Toluna paid survey site

Toluna is an online voting forum that currently has 21 million users in 50 different countries. At Toluna, respondents can earn rewards in many different ways. In addition to traditional surveys, respondents can make their own publications on the Toluna page, vote on sponsored voting questions, complete profile surveys, and invite new members to Toluna. Members of the Toluna community can also chat with each other and play games either for a fee or just for fun. paid survey Toluna’s fees are paid in points, which can be redeemed either in cash or as a gift card. In addition, a package of one million points is drawn daily among Toluna members.
  • Fees: Cash to PayPal account or as gift cards e.g. Verkkokauppa.com, Zalando, GoGift, Huuray
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 1 – 5 €
  • Survey duration: 5 – 30 min
Go to Toluna here

8. Maksetutkyselyt.com

Maksetutkyselyt.com operates in more than 20 countries and has more than 2 million customers. The company advertises on its front page the possibility of monthly earnings of up to 380 euros, but in practice, this requires answering at least 10 daily surveys. On average, one survey can earn 2-6 euros. Redemption of fees is in cash to a PayPal account or as a gift card. Hardworking respondents can also get vouchers as well as free test products.
  • Fees: Cash to PayPal account or as gift cards e.g. Zalando, Hesburger, McDonald’s, Coolshop
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 2 – 6 €
  • Survey duration: 5 – 40 min
  • Go to Maksetutkyselyt.com here

    9. Opinion Research.com

    paid survey Dynata is the owner of Mielipidetutkimus.com, which is one of the world’s largest market research panels with 3 million members. The poll costs 0.50 – 4 euros for the surveys, and the fees redemption is only as gift cards. You can earn badges by answering polls. The more diligently you respond to surveys, the higher the level you can hurt. Improving the level knows more benefits and better rewards.
    • Rewards: As gift cards e.g. CDON.com, Hesburger, Zalando
    • The amount of the fee per survey: 0.5 – 4 €
    • Survey duration: 5 – 30 min
    Go to Mielipidetutkimus.com here

10. YouGov

Founded in 2000 in the UK, YouGov is one of the world’s largest surveyors. In addition to Europe, the company also operates in the USA, the Middle East, and Asia. Panelists must be people over the age of 15 living in Finland who can read and write Finnish. It takes 5-20 minutes to complete the surveys, and the typical fee is 50 points. paid survey 10 Points conversion is either by redeeming a gift card or by participating in a raffle. 10 prizes worth 50 to 1,000 euros are drawn each month. The odds of winning the lottery can be improved by redeeming more lotteries.
  • Rewards: As gift cards e.g. Tokmanni, Ikea, H&M, XXL, Tui, Finnish bookstore
  • The amount of the fee per survey: 0.5 – 5 €
  • Survey duration: 5 – 20 min
Go to YouGov here

Frequently asked questions about paid surveys

Can surveys really make money?

Yes, you can, but it takes quite a bit of effort. Paid surveys are therefore not a quick way to get rich, but rather an opportunity to earn a little extra income with little effort.

Some companies pay commissions in cash to a PayPal account, for example, and some as gift cards to various companies. Often, prizes are also among the respondents, which can be very valuable.

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Are all survey companies equally good?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Some companies pay significantly less to complete surveys than others, so it’s naturally not worth wasting your time on these sites. Some sites may also work with questionable methods – for example, pages where you have to pay a membership fee or purchase a product to be able to join a survey panel.

Most of the survey sites have area-specific languages. However, being Finnish is not necessary if you can fit in the target group and be able to answer questions in English, for example. However, if the site maintenance is by a local company, it will be easier for you to get help in the event of a surprise situation.

We have listed only reputable, reputable survey sites on this page. If you don’t want to bother navigating through all the survey sites yourself, you can feel free to choose one of the examples on this page.

Is it difficult to answer queries? Can I answer wrong?

Answering surveys is very easy – at least if you have the patience. So you don’t have to worry about getting into a quiz-like exam, where the end result may be an embarrassing Nelonen. You are always right with your opinion.

Usually, at the beginning of the survey, you will get an idea of how long you should take to complete it. Often an accustomed respondent can get to the end much faster.

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