"Yogic Wellness Secrets" What is it all refers to
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“Yogic Wellness Secrets” What Is The Relevance

Yogic Wellness Secrets
Written by Anima Sur

“Yogic Wellness Secrets”: Coming from the land of sages who have contributed immensely to humans a holistic system of health through a dedicated segment called “Ayurveda”- Science of life. Thousands of years have passed still the world is experiencing the benefits of primitive science. It is through this Ayurveda one tries to know the essence of life, ways of achieving and maintaining it on an optimal level. Basically, it helps one to understand the basic constitution the body, influences of nature and how by adapting to a proper diet and lifestyle we can diminish the diseases.

What is the relevance of “Yogic Wellness Secrets ” today

Generally speaking, a strong well-built body is itself a key to happiness.  This allows us to progress in worldly pursuits. Besides, it helps to invest in spiritualism and thereby reach a higher level of consciousness.

In this present world, all are accustomed to the fast life and predominance of a nuclear family. The knowledge of healing through herbs, spices used in earlier days by our Grandparents is rarely found.  People find is easy and convenient to pop up pills for minor ailments. People do even know that it may cause certain side effects.

Young people particularly the kids have resorted to junk and fast foods. This inclination leads to serious health conditions and hampers the holistic growth of an individual.

Another aspect is that people are also investing in wellness tourism. While planning a trip or vacation many try to spend on wellness tourism to promote their holistic wellbeing.

Am emphasizing primarily on spices, fruits, vegetables, etc and yogic methods

I am trying to present to you an elementary guideline of everyday lifestyle with a diet including herbs, spices, etc based on age-old principles followed by the ancient people & sages of India so as to help the common man understand his own health and take measures to ensure better health.

My opinion: Our health is very much in our hands.  We require to follow the basic principles of nature and adapt to a lifestyle in accordance with seasons. This will surely help us live a healthy life and find the true purpose of life. We can start at any point in life. I can put it as quoted by Confucius” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.


I really hope that the articles on my site help you. The only thing you require is to make small changes in your lifestyle and to better health. To sum up “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

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Anima Sur

A health Blogger. "Take care of the whole, and the part will take care of itself". This is the essence of Yogic Wellness- keeping the whole being healthy.